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10 Healthy Foods To Kick Away Cravings

10 Healthy Foods To Kick Away Cravings

Cravings can be one of two things; they can either be painful or they can be pleasurable. Consequently, when it comes time to nip those hunger pangs in the bud. Chocolate cake serves as the fatal food for many of us. Fortunately, these 10 healthy foods to kick away cravings can help you get back on the right track towards success

1. A Handful Of Honey Roasted Peanuts

Honey roasted peanuts serve as a delicious snack for when you find yourself struggling with cravings – during the late hours of the night. Instead of grabbing the giant jar of Nutella – or the big box of chocolate lucky charms – try opting out on both in favor of Planters. Fortunately, the honey flavor is just an added bonus – and will help dull your sweet tooth – while holding you over till your next meal.


2. A Tablespoon of Peanut Butter

If you crave Reese’s peanut butter cups – like me – then set the bright orange wrapper aside and substitute it for a jar of Jif. No matter what brand you choose, just make sure that it’s low in added fats, sugars, and so on. The best part about this is that a small amount – such as a tablespoon or two – will fill you up while you enjoy this sweet and savory snack.

3. A Cup of Green Tea

If you’re someone who has trouble with your metabolism then what better way is there to work towards regulating it if not for some green tea! The best part about it is that it’s filling – yet still entails a hint of sweet flavor; this helps you to consume a whole lot less during the times when you find yourself snacking unnecessarily. Not only that, but it’s zero calories – which makes for the perfect supplement when you begin to crave carbonated beverages.


4. A Piece of Toast With a Tablespoon of Honey

I – for one – can’t turn down bread – no matter its form. Loaves of bread, slices of bread, garlic bread, breadsticks, and everything else in between seem to be my weakness. Fortunately, if you’re challenged in the exact same way than try a piece of toast – with some honey on top – as a healthy substitute. In fact, this sweet substance has a plethora of benefits – as it’s rich in antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, and reduces fatigue, among other things. Although it’s sweet – and contains sugar – it’s still much healthier than indulging in an abundance of sugary snacks. However, make sure that you use honey in moderation – as a simple tablespoon is just enough.

5. A Serving of Pineapple

Pineapple is not only delicious but serves as a great way to better strengthen your immune system, and aid in digestion. Fortunately, it’s also incredibly sweet – and sticky – which can help you to get over any unhealthy sugar cravings – when they make an unruly appearance. Consequently, you’ll want to be careful with how much you eat because of how acidic its contents are; this can cause your cheeks/mouth to swell – or make your tongue sore. But look at it like this, pineapples can serve as a beneficial cap to your cravings, and when you find yourself wanting to eat more, the citric acid will stop you in your tracks.


6. A Package of Trail Mix

Are you craving m&ms – or anything chocolate for the matter? If so, then invest in some trail mix; this can include a number of things such as almonds, peanuts, raisins, pecans, and chocolate. That’s what makes it one of the best go-tos because you aren’t completely eliminating the not-so-healthy stuff; instead, you are balancing it out by eating it in moderation – while still getting healthy nutrients from the variety of nuts, such as fat, fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin E, and other vitamins and minerals.

7. A Small Bowl of Froyo (Frozen Yogurt)

Are you a big ice cream lover? Well, instead of giving it up altogether try this healthier alternative; it is low in both fat and protein. The biggest thing that you will want to watch out for is the sugar content – as some may contain more or less. Fortunately, you could go as far as making your own healthy version at home to adjust as needed.

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8. A Bottle of Water

When you feel a craving coming on the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to hydrate your body. In fact, many of our cravings occur because we aren’t properly hydrated. Fortunately, even though water isn’t necessarily a food, it can still aid in kicking away cravings all the same – as it cleanses your body in the process. The best part about a nice glass of water is how energized and rejuvenated – you will feel.


9. A Tray of Frozen Grapes

Think of these as being equivalent to frozen popsicles – only a whole lot healthier. All that you need in order to prepare these delicious goodies is a tray to lay them on – and a perfect set of grapes. Then – after you’ve completed the process of washing and drying each grape – put them on the tray’s surface; just make sure that you’re careful in how you place them because the better they freeze, the tastier the treat.


10. A Granola Bar

Anything granola serves as a tasty treat. However, eating it in a bar-form is even better when it comes to throwing problem cravings out the window. The reason why is because of the amount of sugar that is included with the oats. In turn, this aids in sweetening up your already healthy snack without destroying your diet. 

We hope that these 10 healthy foods help to kick away cravings and avoid the harmful junk foods that provide your body with little to zero nutrients. Don’t forget to share and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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