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10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

Thanks to the quarantine, many of us find ourselves stuck at home, filled with energy from being pent up for so long and ready to let that energy out.  The human body needs to release that energy regularly through exercise however you might find it.  For these times when outdoor activity and gym access are limited, take these healthy activities to heart.  Try starting out small, with a few of these activities a day, and build them up into a full-blown routine.  Having a scheduled workout is great to stay fit and to keep your mood up, so be sure to try these activities and take care of yourself! 

1) Warm-Ups

The most important healthy activity for any workout is to ease yourself into your exercise.  Start your workout regiment by loosening your muscles and slowly raising your heart rate.  A sudden transition stationary activity to full excursion can be stressful for your body, so try some stretches and light activities.  Hold your arm behind your back, reach for your toes, and make sure every part of your body is ready.  Make sure you’re breathing deeply, while not pushing your heart rate too high.  You want the oxygen to flow throughout your body, so every part of you gets the energy it needs.  One helpful thing to keep in mind is that the earlier you start, the more energized you will feel the rest of the day, so try starting your warm-ups soon after you wake up.

10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

2) Knee Push-Ups

An easy healthy activity to start with, knee push-ups are a good beginning alternative to traditional push-ups and give you the opportunity to gain muscle and technique before you move on to normal push-ups.  Get into a plank position on a comfortable surface, keeping your knees on the ground.  You will want your spine to be as straight as possible, and your hands should be about shoulder-width apart.  Bend your elbows, forty-five degrees, and lower the rest of your body.  Try to maintain that position for a moment or two before pushing yourself back up to starting position.  Once you feel comfortable with this exercise, you can straighten your legs and keep them stiff as you lower yourself up and down.


3) Stationary Lunges

For stationary lunges, you should take a stance as if you were fast walking, with one foot a decent length in front of the other.  Your front foot should be flat on the floor, while the other foot should be on its toes.  Bend your knee, lowering your body while maintaining a straight spine as much as you can.  Then push back up to your upright position, and repeat as many times as desired.  To get an even workout, alternate which leg is forward and which is back.  If you feel any burn in your legs, be reassured that you’re doing it right.

10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

4) Bicycle Crunch

This healthy activity is a version of traditional crunches and is very good for your core.  Lie on your back, with your hands on the back of your neck.  Your legs should be in the air, knees bent at a forty-five-degree angle.  Use your core to lift up your torso, bringing your elbow to the opposite knee.  Let your torso relax downward a little, and kick your leg out straight.  Then, you’ll repeat with the other elbow and knee, as many times as desired.

5) Donkey Kick

For this healthy activity, you’ll want to go down on all fours, with your knees about your hips-length apart, and hands aligned with your shoulders.  Stretch one of your legs out straight, keeping your toes pointed towards the floor at all times, and then bring that leg back in again.  Repeat for however many you feel comfortable with, and alternate legs to make sure your workout is balanced.  Don’t worry about the number of times, just as long as you’re able to do it day after day and turn your workout into a routine!

10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

6) Walks

Your body appreciates sunlight and fresh air, so give it both by taking a daily walk.  Not only do you get benefits like vitamin D but you will lessen negative emotions while getting a chance to be in the outdoors and appreciate your surroundings.  Listen to some music, or grab a friend to walk with, and enjoy one of the more relaxing and peaceful ways of exercising.

7) Squats

Squats are a very simple healthy activity.  If you want to be sure you have good form, you can grab a chair and keep it beneath you as you squat.  Hold your arms forward to provide a steady balance as you crouch up and down, keeping your toes forward.  If you do use a chair, make sure you just tap the chair without resting in it.  This exercise feels rather easy, but it’s good for your legs and core.

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10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

8) Plank to Downward Dog

Being in the plank position alone is a healthy activity, but it’s also pretty simple and can easily be improved by transitioning your plank to a downward dog yoga position.  To plank, you should place your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart, and keep your spine straight.  Your feet should be relatively close together.  To properly transition, lift up your hips, until your body forms a triangle with the ground.  You’ll want to keep your feet and hands as stationary as possible, as well as keeping your feet as flat to the floor as you are capable.  Once you’ve got the right angle, hold the pose for a moment, then return to your original plank, and repeat.

10 Healthy Activities To Stay Fit From Home

9) Bridge

To properly bridge, lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor next to each other.  Lift up your hips until you form a straight line with your thighs and torso.  You should keep your head back and relaxed, as to not strain it during this core exercise.  Return to your original stance and repeat the desired number of times. 

10) Bird Dog

Our final exercise is one that requires you to be on all fours, similar to the donkey kick.  Just like that kick, you will extend one leg back, and straight, with your toes facing the floor.  At the same time, you should lift your opposite arm straight in front of you.  This activity requires a bit of balance, and therefore uses more muscles than the donkey kick.

These have been our healthy activities!  How are you staying fit during this quarantine?  Let us know in the comments.

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