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10 Hangover Mistakes You’re Making

10 Hangover Mistakes You’re Making

We’ve all done it. Every single college student has had that horrendously hungover Sunday where we wear sunglasses all day and every time we breathe we feel as if we might throw up. These are the hangover mistakes you’re making for the sake of college. But we rally. We down vodka sodas and cheap beer like its our job. We may regret it at first but that feeling is only temporary because “did you really have a weekend if you didn’t throw back at least one shot”? Despite our ability to rally and have fun, we ALWAYS have those few hours of regret where we swear to resist alcohol for the rest of our lives.

1. You’re insanely dehydrated.

One of the worst hangover mistakes you’re making. You haven’t had a drop of water since dinner the night before and you may as well be in the Sahara because your mouth is so dry you can’t even produce saliva.

2. You didn’t eat enough last night.

The dining hall wasn’t great so you munched on a salad and then proceeded to drink half of your day’s calories in alcohol. Your head is definitely not thanking you right now.


3. Now you’re binging on anything and everything greasy.

Thank god for the endless pizza in the dining hall and the fact that they’re open for breakfast until 1:30 pm because you need pancakes and eggs right now and that salad from last night isn’t going to cut it at this point.

4. You sleep in until (at least) noon.

The blinds are down as far as they can go and if your roommate makes as much as one noise you will probably throw your shoe at them. The weekends are for sleeping in especially with a killer hangover from the previous night’s festivities.

5. You’re still wearing last night’s make up.

The cardinal sin of skincare: sleeping with makeup on. I don’t care if its 4 a.m., walk to the bathroom and wash it off. First, you’ll look like a literal zombie in the morning if you don’t, and you’ll be extremely angry if you wake up and your pillow is covered in eyeliner and lipstick.


6. You notice the terrible, clearly intoxicated selfie you decided to post on social media.

Just don’t do it. Wait until the morning to decide on your insta because intoxicated decisions are not the best decisions no matter how great they feel in the moment. Always have a photo-shoot before the heavy drinking starts to make sure you have one Instagram-worthy photo. Because if you don’t Instagram it, did it even really happen?

7. You don’t shower immediately.

Literally jump in the shower as soon as you wake up. You smell, your breath smells worse, and you probably spilt on yourself sometime during the night. So just do everyone a favor and hop under the lovely hot water and wash away the night before. (I’ve found that it also helps with any nausea you’re having.)

8. You’re vomiting in everyone’s favorite stall.

You know the go-to stall in the dorm bathroom. Avoid it. Please. Go to the one stall no one uses, it’s a common courtesy. Also: DO NOT THROW UP IN THE SINK BECAUSE THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!

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9. Its 5 pm and you have not left your bed except to eat and puke.

I can testify that there is nowhere safer than your bed when you’re hungover. There is also nowhere more dangerous. For me, it smells like alcohol, vomit, and pure hatred, so I try to leave as soon as I can stomach walking and my headache has subsided. My favorite remedy was a trip to the local P. F. Changs and a little retail therapy. (Keep a granola bar handy though for when the hunger-nausea kicks in again.)

10. You don’t eat, sleep, or hydrate enough but proceed to drink again anyway.

See #1, 2, and 3. You will repeat the entire day of sorrow unless you down some carbohydrates, drink your weight in water, and take a lovely nap that you most definitely deserve. If its only Saturday, you’re set because there’s always Sunday for homework! You’ve survived the hangover from hell… Treat Yo Self to a nice meal and a glorious nap!



But regardless of our worst hangovers, we still spend all of our money on alcohol and we rarely pass up an alcohol-filled weekend because after the week of hell we’ve had, we deserve to let loose and have a bit of fun, even if it’ll lead to a hangover-filled Saturday or Sunday (or both)!!!

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