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10 Halloween Costumes for Couples

10 Halloween Costumes for Couples

Teaming up with the bae for Halloween is always fun, especially when they’re willing to put a little extra effort into their costume. While some of these Halloween costumes for couples require a bit of commitment, don’t worry, there are a bunch of ideas that are super simple too!

1. Sam and Suzy

Fan of Moonrise Kingdom? This couples’ Halloween costume is great for a trendy pair. He is going to need a coonskin cap, khaki top and yellow neckerchief. The outfit for Suzy requires a pink dress with white collar, binoculars, a rattan basket, saddle shoes and white knee socks.


2. Lilo and Stitch

If you feel like reviving a Disney classic, Lilo and Stitch are a great costume.  For Lilo’s look wear a red top and a crown made of leaves. The Stitch costume can me homemade with a blue hoodie and fabric scraps.

3. John and Yoko

These Halloween costumes will have you singing your heart out all night, and it’s easy to put together. For John, the most important part is the round shaped glasses, the hairdo, jacket and jeans. You could also go with the all-white John Lennon style. The Yoko costume is even easier; sunglasses, a floppy hat, white dress and boots.

4.  Pacman and Lady Pacman

You make this cute couple costume yourself. Buy huge pieces of yellow foam and smaller black and red pieces for details. Trace two circles and cut them, depends on how big you want your Pacman faces.  Then cut the shape of a triangle for the mouth. Separately cut the eyes, tongue and lips.  The hardest part might be putting everything together, stitching the mouth with both circles and making sure you fit between. Glue the eyes and lips as a final step.


5. Popeye and Olive

This costume is an easy one. Olive needs a black skirt and red shirt with white collar. For Popeye he will need blue pants, black shirt with a red collar and the sailor hat. You should draw on few fake tattoos to really make the look come together.

6. Silent Film Actors

For those who love silent movies, these Halloween costumes is one of the cutest. She will need all black attire, white body and face paint and black lipstick. For him, a black suite, mustache and white face paint will be good enough.

7. Jessie and James

For this costume you will need a couple of wigs, and all white outfits. You can cut the R yourself and glue it to your shirt.

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8. Deer in Headlights

Get some reindeer antlers for him, a brown sweatshirt, pants and you could even sew some fake fur to the chest. She can dress as the car, strategically placing “headlights” and attaching white velcro to mimic the road.

9. C-3PO and R2-D2

Star Wars fan? Then this costume is perfect for you. You may have to buy this costume, as making it at home could get very complicated, but so worth it!


10. Marilyn and Arthur

Last Halloween, boyfriend and I decided to be Marilyn and Arthur, the once married couple. Get a wig and a white dress to copy the Marilyn style. For Arthur, a suit, glasses and hat could make the look complete!


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