10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

Hard to believe that it’s already October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. In other words, now’s time to start gathering Halloween costume ideas. Here are 10 creative Halloween costume ideas for guys that are not only original, but guaranteed to impress the ladies.

1. Netflix and Chill

I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to Netflix n’ Chill with you? This two piece costume is really easy to pull off, all you really need is a red t-shirt and a bag of ice (chill, get it?). You can easily print out the Netflix logo and attach it to your shirt. Another plus to this costume – every party needs more ice at some point.

These Halloween costume ideas for guys are great!   

2. Donald Trump and his man bun

If you haven’t noticed, girls seem to be obsessed with the man bun lately. If you just so happen to have long blonde hair; throw on a suit, practice your Donald Trump attitude and tuck your locks up into a bun. This Photoshopped pic of Trump that went viral last year is the perfect twist to the Donald Trump costume.


3. The emoji twins

Girls love their emojis…and a boy who can dance, so why not combine the two into one epic Halloween costume. Buy a black leotard, cat ears and blonde wigs. All you need next is to find a friend who’s brave enough to pull this one off with you.


4. Ron Swanson

What girl wouldn’t want a “meat tornado?” This extremely popular character is definitely one original Halloween costume idea, and it’s pretty easy to pull together. The most important component to making this costume work is the mustache.


5. Walter White

Walter White had many faces in Breaking Bad, so pick whichever fits you best. For the Heinseberg look put on a black coat, a porkpie hat and a goatee. Or opt for the Walter White on the job look with this yellow hazmat suit.

walter white   

6. Jax Teller

Every girl loves a bad guy, especially one who rides a motorcycle. You can easily throw this Halloween costume idea together with some leather accessories and a substantial growth of facial hair (doesn’t have to be real). Invite your friends to be other members of Sons of Anarchy to get the whole crew involved.

jax teller   

7. Franzia

In case you missed it, girls love wine. Simply cut a hole in the top of a box and paint the Franzia logo on front (find someone creative to help you if you weren’t blessed with the artistic gene). Make sure you bring some wine with you and share it with the ladies.


8. Anchorman

Again, the mustache is crucial to pulling this Halloween costume idea off. Complete the Ron Burgundy look with a colorful suit and stuffed animal dog. Use your alter ego persona as an excuse to interview girls all night.


9. Dave Chappelle

Ladies love a man who has a sense of humor. Prepare you favorite Chappelle jokes to use throughout the night and you’re good to go. The only physical item you really need for this costume is a red beanie and sweatshirt.


10. Kanye West

While certainly a creative idea, there’s a good chance Kanye West will be a popular Halloween costume choice this year. Easy and comical, all you need is a good pair of shutter shades, a gold chain and that Kanye swagga.



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