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10 Hacks to Make Life Easier at CUNY Lehman

10 Hacks to Make Life Easier at CUNY Lehman


Whether you are heading to Lehman this fall as a freshman or you’re a returning student, one this is certain. College is all about expanding your perception on the world. Behind an orientation that has been rehearsed by students for hours on end and a glossy orientation folder, how can you tell what life at Lehman is really like? Nonetheless, there are tips and tricks to make life at Lehman the best it can be. Here’s a list of 10 life hacks that will make your life at Lehman easier!

1. Transit tips

It’s no secret that all CUNY schools are majority commuter schools. Whether it be MTA or the small percentage who drive. Commuting in NYC is almost always filled with delays.

My tip: If you have a class on South Campus, for example Carmen Hall, get off the train on Kingsbridge RD and walk to Gate 13, it is a much faster commute.


Another tip: Download the App transit, it gives you all the coming departure times of all nearby trains and buses in your area.

2. Free printing!

Let’s face it, we all at one time or another forget to print out an assignment as were heading to class. For fast printing that doesn’t require the hassle of checking in with campus safety at the Library and then finding an open computer, head to Shuster Hall. Then find the Undergraduate admissions office, Room 161. The undergraduate admission office is filled with about 8 computers and a fully equipped printer.

3. Free food!

Download the Lehman College App to keep up to date with events on campus, they always have free food!


4. Student discounts

Between classes, textbooks and just living in New York it’s hard to save money. My tip, sign up for UNIDAYS. UNIDAYS is a website that collaborated with major retailers to give student discounts.

5. Get your books early.

I know there’s a stigma about students buying expensive textbooks and then never using them. My tip, check the school library to see if they have any of the textbooks you need and go get them before schools start. If the library doesn’t have then rent used books from places online like Amazon or CHEGG. If you wait until your first week of school to get all your stuff, you might be left with the most expensive options.

6. Don’t get stuck in the rain or snow.

Lehman has underground tunnels connecting the majority of the campus. When winter hits, need I say more.


7. Buy a portable charger.

There is almost always people hogging the chargers at the outdoor tables, the start bucks and pretty much everywhere else on campus. Bring a portable charger so that you don’t suffer the fate of having your phone die half way through scrolling through your Instagram feed.

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8. Get an on-campus job.

For those of us that don’t reserve Federal Work-Study, Lehman is always looking for College assistants and the Bookstore is always hiring for temp associates at the beginning of every semester. To apply as a college assistant click here.


9. Be optimistic!

I will be the first one to tell you I didn’t think I would end up at Lehman, but so far I’ve had the best experience. The campus is lovely and the opportunities are endless. Make the most of your experience. Don’t sulk around, get involved at Lehman! If you love where you are, you’ll do better.

10. Join an organization.

Attending a commuter school doesn’t mean you should just go to class and go home. Clubs and organization are the heart of our campus. Go to the club fair and check out a few clubs. While you’re at it (seamless promo) why not write for Lehman’s newest chapter, Society19?!


What life hacks do you use at CUNY Lehman? Comment below and share the article!
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