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10 Hacks To Make Life Easier At University Of The Pacific

10 Hacks To Make Life Easier At University Of The Pacific

College is both an an exciting and challenging time, why wouldn’t it be? With a new semester at University of The Pacific right around the corner, here are 10 hacks to make your life easier!

1. Tapingo.

Order food right after classes end for a quick grab n’ go before your next class. Some local restaurants in the area even allows you to order off campus and have it delivered to you!

2. Using the Pacific Card app.

All on your phone, not only does it list your meal points, it also tells you how much money you have for laundry, PacificCash (money you put on your Pacific card) and any bookstore charges.


3. Use the study rooms.

Reserve ahead of time for finals. Most of the study rooms at University of The Pacific have large white boards for the students’ use and range from a four seat room to an eight seat room. They’re great for getting together with classmates to study together.

4. Donate your meal points if you need to spend them fast!

There’s the option of donating your meal points to other organizations designed to buy food for other people. Or buy food for other fellow classmates!

5. Buy a half ID card holder.

This completely eliminates the need to try and get your card out of its holder and then putting it back. The plastic strip securely attaches only to the edge of your ID card. All you have to do is grab and swipe!


6. Use the Green box.

No need to buy and clutter your trash can with takeout boxes. Pay a one-time $.50 for the whole school year and use this eco-friendly to-go box! Once you’re done eating, just take it back and get a clean one. It saves money and environment.

7. Bring a reusable bag.

The Grove has you pay $.10 per plastic bag if you need them. Save money and the environment by bringing a reusable bag every time you shop.

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8. Free Microsoft software provided for Pacific students and staff.

On the IT page on the Pacific website, currently enrolled students can download Microsoft Office onto their devices. Make sure you don’t buy it before!

9. Don’t have a car but want to go off campus for the weekend? Not a problem!

Text the shuttle number and request for them to drop off and pick you up at the list of destinations they provide on the pacific website. Some which include Amtrack, the mall, and anywhere along Miracle Mile. It’s free for all students!


10. Watch movies for FREE on the campus’s Janet Leigh Theater.

It’s a small theater and it’s also open to the public so seats are limited! Make sure you get there early if you want good seats.

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