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10 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier at UA

10 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier at UA

Becoming comfortable with your college is all about getting into the swing of things. You’re learning to navigate life on campus, and it can be pretty tricky sometimes. Some of these tips I figured out right off the bat, but others took me all the way to April. I myself am still learning, but these 10 hacks have made my life so much easier! Whether you are a freshman or current student, keep reading for my insight to navigating life at the University of Alabama.


1. Carry an umbrella at all times.

I did not know this, but it turns out that Alabama is the 3rd rainiest state in the country. I cannot tell you the amount of times the forecast would be clear and I would be walking to class or home and the sky would just open up. Carrying an umbrella with you will seriously save your life.


2. Don’t spend all your dining dollars at once.

I had several friends that were completely out of dining dollars within the first 2 months at UA. If you only use them once or twice a week, they will last so much longer. At the end of the school year, you’re not going to want to go grocery shopping; you’re going to want to make it easier on yourself and eat out, hence where the dining dollars (that you didn’t spend) will come in handy.


3. Wear comfortable shoes.

There were the occasional times that all of my socks were dirty, so I had to wear flip-flops or converse. Let me tell you, BUY MORE SOCKS. If you go to Alabama, you know how big our campus is, so that means a lot of walking. If you have good tennis shoes, you will never feel like your feet are dying.


4. Don’t underestimate the power of air conditioning.

Am I the only person that literally can’t function when I’m cold? Because Alabama gets so hot the first 2 months of school, the professors keep their classrooms at arctic temperatures, which is both a blessing and a curse. It feels amazing when you first walk in the door, but eventually you just want to die because you can slowly feel the icicles forming on your ears. **shivers** Keep a jacket in your bag that you can throw on if you are worried you may freeze to death.

5. Take advantage of the time between classes.

On occasion, I would walk to my next class talking on the phone with my mom or looking at my Instagram feed. But most of the time, I tried to be productive. Whether I had 10 minutes or 45 minutes between classes, I tried to use that time to my advantage. I would take that chunk of time to check my emails, make a to-do list, or look at my planner. If you utilize your spare time while you’re in “school mode” your lazy self will thank you later.

6. Pack snacks.

Sometimes I had class at awkward times, so I was either starving or not, depending on what my breakfast was like. Make sure to always keep a granola bar with you or Scooby snacks (who doesn’t love Scooby snacks?) because you will be so grateful that you did. I cannot tell you the amount of times I relied on my little snack to get me through a class.


7. Get a portable phone charger.

I am a phone person. I will 100% admit it that I am slightly addicted to my phone. Because of this, my battery is always dying, always. Investing in a good, portable charger, that actually holds a charge will make your life so much better. I used mine at least once throughout the day and it was always so convenient.

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8. Keep your laptop charger with you.

Another charger you should always have is your laptop charger. I took all of my notes on my computer, so if it were to die before class, I would literally be screwed. Having my computer charger on me was always nice because I never had to worry about it.



9. Think carefully about your UA Gameday outfit.

I loved wearing dresses to games, but I didn’t love when a gust of wind would come through Bryant Denny Stadium, I always felt like I had to hold down my dress. I also loved wearing some sort of heel too, but I would get outside of my dorm and turn right back around because I knew there was no way I could make it through the game with heels on my feet.  You want to enjoy watching your schools games, so make sure that your outfit is going to be comfortable and cute.

10. Love your school – everything about it!

If you’re going to survive college, my biggest hack would be to absolutely love your school. My heart broke when I had to leave for summer break and I cannot wait to get back in 2 weeks. School will be an absolute breeze if you love your environment.

Have any other hacks to make life at UA easier? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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