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10 Hacks to Make Life Easier at CWRU

10 Hacks to Make Life Easier at CWRU

Whether you are an incoming CWRU freshman or a current CWRU student, it is so important to be aware of all the campus hacks. Hacks are tips that make life easier for you, and there are definitely some CWRU hacks you don’t want to miss! In this post, I’ll be covering 10 hacks that will make your life easier on campus at Case Western Reserve University. Let’s get started!

1. Bring an HDMI cable.

Bring one so that you can connect your laptop to the TV in the common room (very useful if you want to watch Netflix with your friends on a bigger screen).

2. Get a phone wallet (just snag one during orientation).

This attaches to the back of your phone and can hold your student ID. Logic being: if you know that you always have your phone on you, having this wallet will decrease the likelihood of you losing your ID.




3. Download the SIS Mobile app.

Use this app to keep track of your schedule for classes. You can also use the map on the app to be more discreet as you navigate your way around campus.


4. Download the WEPA Print app.

Upload your documents and use this app to print wireless-ly from the WEPA printers that are located at various places around campus. A few places include Wade, the Tinkham Veale University Center (“Tink”), and Thwing.

5. Do you like grilled chicken?

I’m not sure how it works at Fribley, but I do know how it works at Leutner. If you want chicken for lunch or dinner, go up to the grill station (where the hamburgers and hotdogs are served) and tell one of the workers that you would like to order chicken. They will get a chicken breast out of the freezer and put it on the grill for you! Just make sure that you come back to get it when it’s ready because it might be given to someone else.



6. Download Tapingo.

Why wait in line for food when you can simply pick it up when it’s ready? You can add your payment method to the app (your Case One Card account which uses Case Cash, a credit card, etc.). This app can also be used to order food from places that are on-campus and select establishments that are located off-campus (depending on the place, you can either pick up food or have it delivered to you for an extra fee). It can also be used to purchase tickets for on-campus events.

Note: Your student ID and your Case One Card are the same thing.

7. Worried about not being able to connect to the the Wi-Fi? Use an Ethernet cable.

The Wi-Fi on campus can be slow at times. If you are in dire need of a faster connection while in your dorm room, an Ethernet cable may be just what you need. All freshmen should receive one during move-in day, so put it to use.


8. Invest in a Bedside Buddy.

Get a Bedside Buddy, especially if you are in a bunked or lofted bed. It hooks onto the side of your bed and allows you to store things such as your phone, tablet, books, etc.


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9. Run your power strip along your wall or ceiling.

Run your power strip or surge protector up your wall so that you can keep your devices charged all from the comfort of your bed, while hiding the ugly cords. This way no one will trip over them!

10. Remember that Tupperware is your friend.

This is useful if you want to save some food from the dining hall to eat at a later time (WITHIN REASON). Please don’t be that person who takes an entire carton of ice cream (yes, this has happened before).



I hope that these were helpful! Until next time.

What are some other hacks around the CWRU campus? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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