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10 Hacks to Make Freshman Life Easier at UCF

10 Hacks to Make Freshman Life Easier at UCF

10 Hacks to Make Freshman Life Easier at UCF

The University of Central Florida, located in Orlando, is a fantastic place. There are plenty of opportunities, organizations and degrees for students of all interests and backgrounds. However, because it’s a huge university (60,000+ people!), it can be overwhelming to navigate sometimes. Keep reading for 10 hacks to make your life easier at UCF!


1. Ride the Grocery Shuttle on Tuesday’s to Publix.

If don’t have a car and you’re tired of waiting on your friends to go grocery shopping, then this shuttle is the best option for you. Every Tuesday from 10AM to 8PM (last departure from Publix), hop on the grocery shuttle and stock up your mini fridge.


Tip: Make sure you bring a reusable grocery bag since it makes carrying heavy groceries easier.

2. Take advantage of both cafeterias.

UCF has two cafeterias that serve different meals. If you’re not feeling the food at ’63 South you can head over to Knightro’s and vice-versa. Just be prepared for a long walk because these cafeterias are on complete opposite sides of campus.




3. Ride the on-campus shuttles.

If you need to get somewhere on campus and it’s rainy or cold—or you just don’t feel like walking, hop onto one of the on-campus shuttles. They stop at every housing facility and all the major classroom buildings. UCF is huge so it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to walk to class every day.

4. Also ride the off-campus shuttles.

Live off campus and don’t have a car or don’t want to waste money paying for an on-campus parking pass? Then the best thing for you is to hop on one of the many shuttles that UCF offers. Shuttles operate daily and always provide a way for you to get to campus and back to your apartment.



5. Get snacks at the on-campus Health Center.

If you ask me this is one of the most important hacks on this list. If at any point you need a snack, don’t go to any other convince store on-campus; go to the Health Center. This place has every snack you could think of from ice cream to Easy Mac at the lowest prices. When you get to college you’re doing everything you can to save your money and the Health Center can help with this.

6. Never use the library printers.

UCF offers three different places on campus where you can print for free in black and white. The SGA Printing Lab located on the second floor of the Student Union, All Knight Study located in Ferrell Commons, and All Knight Study located in Knight’s Plaza. Why pay for printing when you can do it for the free? Also if you need to print super fast don’t use the SGA Printing Lab because it’s busy most of the time.


7. Study at either of the two All Knight Study locations.

Tired of studying in the library and in your room? Head on over to AKS. It offers a quiet study environment, comfy chairs, and vending machines in case you get hungry. AKS has board for you to write that you utilize when working on a group project of for whatever reason you wish. Go to AKS in Knights Plaza if you want the best looking environment because it’s the newest one.


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8. Don’t walk anywhere between 7PM and 1AM.

Call S.E.P.S whenever you need to go somewhere on campus between 7PM and 1AM.  It’s like an uber for UCF students. Why walk when you can ride? Exactly—just don’t.

9. Hate your ID? “Lose” it for another one.

If you don’t like your ID picture just go to Card Services in the breezeway and tell them you lost it. The only downside is you have to pay $15, but it’s totally worth it because you use this card everywhere…you might as well enjoy looking at it.


10. Don’t go campus bookstore (unless it’s for a course code).

Books aren’t free in college and the prices can be pretty scary. Order your books online. An awesome place to buy discounted textbooks is this site, here! You can also check out textbook solutions located down the street from campus.


11. I’m so cool I decided to give you an extra hack…

DON’T I repeat DON’T purchase your textbooks before you go to the class unless you know you 100% need it.

I’ve wasted money on books that were never opened and regretted it—well I didn’t regret it that much because I get my textbooks for like $20 but you get my point. Some professors will tell you that the book isn’t necessary but when you find out it is go ahead and order it so you can get it ASAP.

Do you have any other hacks to make freshman life easier at UCF? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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