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10 Campus Hacks Every KSU Student Should Know

10 Campus Hacks Every KSU Student Should Know


Keep reading for 10 campus hacks every KSU student should know!

1. Color code your notes.

This hack is very important because it turns your boring plain notes into something colorful. You may even enjoy note taking a bit more because you get to use your colorful markers and pens. There is so much information to keep track of in classes at KSU so this color coding system will really help!

2. Prep breakfast ahead of time.

When you have morning classes at 8 am, it can be tempting to just go through the drive-thru and pick up breakfast. This can add up quickly, even though you tell yourself it is just $2 here or $4 there. Meal prep your breakfast for the week. I made my own breakfast burritos and that is way cheaper than going to McDonald’s every time. They even tasted better! You save money and get something yummy in the process.


3. Use Google Scholar.

Got a paper due? Don’t have the time or the energy to sift through the endless results to find quality research material for your paper? Look no further! Google Scholar is the best! You will find more relevant information and you can even save your sources, making it easier to create your citations. There will be a lot of research papers to do at KSU depending on your major so Google Scholar can be a very useful tool. 

4. Speaking of Google….

Google is truly an amazing source of information. There are many tips and tricks you can use on Google. Simply type in “Google Search Engine Tips” and a lot of things pop up with different things you can use to refine your search and make things easier when you need to do research.

5. Make use of OneDrive or GoogleDrive.

This is a great tip for students at KSU from incoming freshmen to the seasoned senior. You should never use your flash drive as a main place where you store your school files. Save things to multiple locations, such as your desktop or laptop, or even better, a cloud drive. You can access your files anywhere with the cloud. I cannot begin to tell you the moment of panic I had when my flash drive went kaput, but in a moment of clarity, thanked my lucky stars I had saved it to a cloud drive. This also comes in handy if you forgot your flash drive at home.


6. Your school email is your lifeline.

Your school email is the main way your professors and other school officials contact and communicate with you. If class is canceled that morning and you do not check your email, you end up getting up for no reason and you feel rather silly. Especially at KSU during the fall and winter when snow can come at any time. You can get your email sent to your smartphone so you can always stay in touch and know when something important is happening.

7. Buy cheap textbooks or rent them, don’t every buy for full price.

We all know how expensive textbooks can be. Sometimes you feel like you have to sell a part of your soul to get textbooks. There are plenty of sites that offer cheaper books. Renting is a really great option. KSU’s own Varney’s offers rental options as well if you are looking for something local or you need that textbook right away. If you do buy textbooks, you can sell them back to places online for cash or Amazon will buy them back for an Amazon Gift Card. Pretty good deal!!

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8. Carry around your student ID at all times for discounted food.

Lots of places in a college town offer discounts and even some free food items to students. All you need is your student ID. Who does like free food and discounts? There are loads of places around the KSU campus as well as in Manhattan that have great food and drink specials for students.

9. Use note-taking software like OneNote or EverNote.

I love using OneNote. You can customize a lot and I tend to type faster than I write. It is easier to decipher later when you need to study. Evernote is a good software to use as well.  Your notebooks are saved to the cloud you can always access them wherever you are as long as you have internet access. When writing space is limited due to large class sizes at KSU, having a way to take notes on your laptop is a must-have.

10. Finally, learn how to relax.

With all the stress that college can bring, make sure you take out some time for yourself. You can read a book, take a walk outside, even put on Netflix and watch a few episodes while eating your favorite food. Don’t get too carried away with binge watching that you forget your homework!

What are some other campus hacks every KSU student should know? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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