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10 Great On Campus Jobs For Students

If you’re a college student looking for ways to make some extra money on the side, then on-campus jobs for students can be a great choice! On-campus jobs are often easy, convenient, and tailored to your schedule, so you can find the right work-life balance for you. Trying to fit a job into your schedule can be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 10 on-campus jobs for students that are fun, easy, and will also allow you enjoy campus life to the fullest.

1.) Barista

If you are a coffee enthusiast and don’t mind the hustle-and-bustle of being on your feet for a shift, then a barista job could be a great option for you! Many on-campus barista positions come with the perks of free food and drink, so you can get your coffee fix as well as an hourly wage that will most likely be above minimum wage. A barista job is a great way to stay active, and the skills you learn will also prove to be valuable for potential future jobs! Plus, working in a cafe is a great way to get to know the regulars and meet new people! 

2.) Tutor

If you find yourself especially good at one subject, then perhaps consider using your skills to benefit another student who may be struggling. The great thing about becoming a tutor is that you get to choose your hours, and sometimes you can even choose your own wages if you decide to do it independently. Also, you probably will never have to leave campus, as you can teach students who attend your own university. Not only is the pay good, but it can also be incredibly rewarding to watch a struggling student transform their understanding, and all because of your help!

3.) Cafeteria Server

Many residence cafeterias allow students opportunities to work for them. If you want to make some easy money on the side, considering applying for a position in the cafeteria! The job can range from serving portions of food at self-serve stations to serving meals to students. Being a cafeteria server is another rewarding on-campus job, as it’s a great way to gain experience while also getting to know your fellow students!

4.) Gym Employee

If you have a passion for fitness and are looking for a fun side job, consider applying for a position at your campus gym! Most campus gyms will allow students to work there, as they often need people as receptionists, secretaries, and even personal trainers! Becoming an employee at a gym is a great way to share your love of fitness, and will be an easy yet rewarding part-time job.

5.) Fitness Instructor

Your college campus probably also offers fitness classes, such as yoga, pilates, kickboxing, cycling, etc. If you have the skills for a particular fitness activity, you can easily get a certification and teach fitness classes! Becoming a fitness instructor is a fun and ideal way to stay in shape, meet other students who share your same interests, and make quite a bit of money!

6.) Residence Advisor

Residence advisors are classic jobs for students that all colleges offer. And, if you get the job, you usually will get your housing for free. Housing costs can add up significantly over the years, and becoming a resident advisor can eliminate this cost from your budget. The job position requires you to make sure everyone in your residence is comfortable and safe, and you will be sure to learn a lot. Although you will be required to be in charge of some organizational details and logistics, such as putting together meetings and events, you will get a lot of free time to yourself. The job isn’t too demanding, and you will be sure to save tons of money each semester.

7.) Tour Guide

If you love your school and love being a student at your school, you should share your passion with prospective students by becoming a tour guide! Your enthusiasm for your school and campus life will immediately rub off on the other prospective students and help to promote your school. This job requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and is a great fit for the optimistic and extroverted student.

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8.) Campus Ambassador

If you’re outgoing and enjoy networking and meeting lots of new people, then becoming a campus ambassador might be a great option for you! Many schools will recruit students to spread the word about their campus through organized events, marketing and advertising. If you love your school, then consider showing your pride by becoming an ambassador!

9.) Teacher Assistant

Many college professors will offer jobs to undergraduate or graduate students to help them with the logistics of their classes, such as course planning, grading, creating assignments, and even teaching classes. Teaching assistant jobs often come in a wide range of opportunities, from humanities to science and mathematics courses. If you’ve performed very well in a specific type of course, then inquire about the possibility of becoming a teaching assistant for it!

10.) Research Assistant

Many university departments will look to recruit students to become paid research assistants for their projects. Becoming a research assistant is such a great and rewarding job opportunity to learn more about your major while also making cash on the side. Research assistant positions often come with stipends instead of hourly pay, but will also come with other benefits, such as recommendations and even academic credit to help boost your resume and GPA!

Are you ready to start the search for your perfect campus job? Be sure to consider these 10 on-campus jobs for students! On-campus jobs are such a valuable way to gain working experience, make important connections, and, most importantly, still enjoy your campus lifestyle!

Which of these on-campus jobs would you be excited to try? Do you have any job application tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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