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10 Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Holiday Season

10 Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Holiday Season

Whatever holidays you plan to celebrate this year, gift giving is always a priority during the winter season. If you’re stuck on what gifts to give, check out these 10 Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Holiday Season!

Despite how exciting the holiday season is, coming up with gift ideas can get super hectic, especially when shopping for several friends and family members. Not only do you have to hit all your favorite stores before they sell out, but also keep in mind your price limit if you’re on a budget. Whether you celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, NYE, etc., or if you’re planning a seasonal gift swap with your friends, coming up with creative gifts to give can be stressful when trying to think outside of the box. These gift ideas for friends can be given to both men and women, so you’ll be bound to find some inspiration for this year!

1. Fancy Cheese Board

If your friends love hosting dinner parties, pregames, holiday events or even just hanging out, you should consider purchasing them a fancy cheese board! Sure you can use any wooden cutting board to create your charcuterie board masterpiece, but a fancy board such as this Anthropologie crystal quartz cheese board makes a perfect gift for anyone, as it is beautiful to look at and will come in great use! Even just displaying the board in your kitchen on its own acts as an aseptically pleasing decoration any crystal lover would appreciate.


2. Personalized Wine Bottle

Adding a personalized touch to any of our gift ideas for friends is a meaningful way to show your appreciation! You can really do this with so many gifts, such as a bottle of wine! Personalized wine bottles can have their own images or messages printed on them and make the perfect gift for literally any occasion. When shopping for your friend, make sure you find out their favorite type of wine, then create your customized bottle online. Every wine lover can benefit from this gift, then have a sentimental bottle to save after the wine is gone!

3. Perfume

Perfume or cologne may seem like a basic gift idea that’s overdone, but to be honest, who wouldn’t love their favorite scent in a bottle? Perfume is one of those things that people are somewhat skeptical to buy for themselves, making it a great gift option for your friends. Also, shopping for perfume and cologne is super fun and can help you discover a huge range of scents you might have not known about.

4. Venus ET Fleur Flowers

No matter the occasion, who wouldn’t love flowers showing up at their doorstep addressed to them! If you want a gift that will last longer than your regular bouquet, check out Venus ET Fleur roses. These Instagram worthy boxed flowers make a beautiful gift that is definitely worth the money, as they can last up to a whole year with proper care. The rose boxes come in a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, for all different occasions. They even sell a singular rose if you’re looking for a smaller gift idea.


5. Polaroid Camera

If you and your friends love taking cute pics together but never remember to print them out, consider gifting them a Polaroid Camera! Polaroid cameras are an amazing way to save your memories instantly! You can find different Polaroid cameras all over the internet depending on what you’re looking for. In addition to the camera, you can add some Polaroid film for the designated size and picture frames to the gift box to complete the look!

6. Concert Tickets

If you’re trying to brainstorm some gift ideas for friends, you really can’t go wrong with concert tickets to your friend’s favorite artist or band. Although the thought of concert tickets may seem pricey at first, you can always get general admission tickets, or tickets on resale! This gift is great because it benefits you and your friend, giving them something fun to look forward to. When gifting the tickets, try thinking of creative ways to present them and your friend will be so excited for the memories you’re about to create together!

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7. Homesick Candle

Have a friend who just moved away to college or a different state to start a new job? Gifting them a Homesick Candle is a sweet and sentimental way to have them remember their roots! Homesick Candles come in every state and even different countries all over the world, so they’ll definitely have what you’re looking for. Each candle has its own customized scent to match wherever you are from, so this gift is a fun idea that any guy or girl will love!

8. Painted Canvas

One of my favorite ways to decorate my room is with various painted canvases, as it’s a great way to brighten up any blank wall. Any art lover would enjoy these making them one of the best gift ideas for friends! You can obviously paint some yourself if you’re artistically talented, but if not check out some local artists or shops on Etsy! This is a good way to support small business owners and gift your friends something unique. Depending on what your friend likes, you can really find anything online that will match their room aesthetic!

9. Customized Music Plaque

Customized Music Plaques have recently become one of the most popular gift ideas for friends because they are cute and meaningful, while adding your own personal touch. You can easily purchase these clear plaques online and design them however you’d like. All you have do is choose a cute photo of you and your friend, then a song that describes or represents your friendship! These also make a great gift idea for you significant other, as you can choose one of your favorite songs you always listen to together.


10. Simple Chain Necklace

Jewelry is always a popular gift choice, but you really can’t go wrong with a simple chain necklace for a girl or guy friend in your life! Chain necklaces can rang in prices, so pick out a silver or gold chain that you think your friend would love. This is a very simple, yet beautiful gift that your friend can wear everyday. You could even buy matching ones for yourself too as a cute way to symbolize your friendship.

After seeing these gift ideas for friends, hopefully shopping will go a little more smoothly this holiday season!

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