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10 Gift Ideas For The Chef In Your Life

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s important to plan ahead. It can be daunting to figure out a meaningful gift to get someone in your life, especially chefs. With so many gadgets and gizmos to choose from, it’s hard to find the one that is perfect. Soceity19 is here to help, here are 10 gift ideas for that special chef in your life.  

This is a great gift idea for those looking for a little laugh.

1.  Goofy Oven Mitts

Anytime we are baking anything, we always have to use our oven mitts. And while these are things we use on a daily basis, we can spice it up as a gift idea. Treat your chef this season by giving them gloves that will make them smile. Oven mitts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns to fit the style of your chef this shopping season. Some websites even allow you to make customizable mitts for that special someone. And the best part is it’s cheap! Oven mitts typically range between $10 to $30. You can choose any oven mitt to fit the personality of that special chef in your life. 

This gift idea is great for chefs looking for a challenge.

2. Cast Iron Skillets

This gift idea is only for the experienced chefs out there. When shopping for your chef, cast iron skillets are a great way to liven up any dinner idea. These skillets are flavor bombs but can be expensive. In addition, they do require diligent maintenance and are not for beginner chefs. Cast iron skillets can range between $50 to $300. Why are they so special? They are skillets that trap the flavors of all that you cook within them, leaving added delicious flavor to your next dinner. They have to be carefully washed and can NEVER be put in a dishwasher. Yet if the chef in your life is looking for a new challenge, this is the perfect gift idea for you. 

Aprons are a great stylish gift for any occasion.

3. Aprons

This one is a personal favorite of mine. Aprons can come in all shapes and varieties. And most you can get with printed jokes on them. This gift idea is rather inexpensive and is perfect for any college budget. There are a wide range of graphics and designs to fit any style your chef might have. Make the chef in your life smile with this fun stylish gift. 

Hot sauce taste kits are a great way to explore your chef’s sense of adventure.

4. Hot Sauce Taste Kits

Hot sauce taste kits are for those chefs that love a little kick with their dinner time menus. This gift idea is great for those who want to explore their wild side by trying out different hot sauces from around the world. These kits are rather inexpensive, ranging from about $30 to $50. They are sold both in stores, such as World Market, or online. This gift is a perfect blend of adventure and variety for your chef to experiment with the next time they cook. 

Stainless steel cookware is great for long lasting gift.

5. Stainless Steel Cookware

Do you have a chef that is sick of their old cooking ware? Try this one out. Buying stainless steel cooking ware can be expensive. A full set can be upwards of $300, but they will last forever. Stainless steel cookware is durable and is great for any tough cooking. And if your chef accidentally burns something? No problem, a stainless steel scrub brush erases the mess. And unlike the cast iron skillet, this cookware is relatively low maintenance. It is dishwasher friendly and is perfect for any chef who wants a quick easy kitchen clean up. 

Wine stoppers are a great customizable gift for any occasion.

6. Wine stoppers

Wine stoppers have been a tradition among my family for many years. Wine stoppers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are stoppers that are based on springs, making the figure bounce around. There are ones with glitter and stars that add that extra shine to your wine bottle. And yes, there are the dirty joke wine stoppers that fit any funny occasion. I love this gift idea because it’s something that is very customizable to a single person and yet inexpensive. Because wine stoppers are small, their cost is relatively low, ranging typically between $10 to $30. And while wine stoppers are sold in stores, I prefer to shop online. I find there to be far more of a unique variety. You can even order some that are handmade. If you want something unique this season, try out a wine stopper. 

Garlic crushers are a must have for any chef.

7. Garlic Crusher

While this gift idea might seem generic, the chef in your life will really appreciate this one. Most chefs use the side of a knife to crush their garlic. It can be time consuming, and if you’re not paying attention, dangerous. A garlic crusher is a great way to minimize the stress in your chef’s life. Garlic crushers are relatively inexpensive ranging from about $30 to $40. The price is worth it to avoid all those nicks and cuts when preparing your next dinner. If you want to help save some time and trouble for your chef’s next meal, gift them a garlic crusher. 

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Wine glasses are a great gift and addition to any kitchen.

8. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a great way to show that special chef in your life your fun loving side. Unlike some other kitchenware, wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and colors that fit any kitchen color scheme. They can come in a variety of colors and designs including floral, seasonal and color tints. When you want to add a little fashion and fun into your gift giving, try some stylish new wine glasses. 

Stone knife sharpeners are a great way to keep your chef’s knives perfect.

9. Stone Knife Sharpener

While this device seems a little odd to those non-chefs, it is a must for any chef who loves a sharp knife. Sharp knives are important when cooking as it minimizes cuts and accidents. The sharper the knife, the less resistance. And the less resistance, the less likely your chef will have an accident when cooking. Stone knife sharpeners are a carefully crafted stone block that sharpen the steel of a knife by gently grating the edge. It gently sands away all those dull edges that could create problems.Yet these sharpeners can range between $50 to $100. Stone knife sharpeners are a must have for keeping knives sharp, and your chef safe. 

Kitchen knives are a must in any great chef’s kitchen.

10. Knife Set

If you want to give your chef a gift they will use everyday, this gift idea is perfect for you. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, chefs will always use their knives. And a chef is only as good as their equipment. Give that special chef in your life something both meaningful and functional this holiday season. Note, this gift is for those who have a little money to spare. Good knives are typically around $100 at minimum, depending on the size. And when choosing a knife, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of cooking your chef does. If your chef is all about home cooking, look for a general use knife. Do you have a sushi chef in your life? Look at Japanese paring knives the next time you shop. Remember, brand is very important when choosing a quality knife. The brand helps ensure the quality and the content of the steel used to make the knife. I highly recommend this gift idea for the holiday season. Not only does it show that you care about your chef’s interests, but taking the time to buy and research a knife is a labor of love in itself. 

These are but a few fantastic ideas for any gift occasion. These gift ideas are not only stylish but useful to your chef. Show that special chef in your life that you care this year with these gift ideas. 

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