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10 Gift Ideas Under $40

10 Gift Ideas Under $40


The Holidays are almost here and it’s time to start looking for gifts for your friends and family. Find tons of gift ideas under $40 to get some great thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank.

1. Gifts for the Fashionista: Winter Accessories

With the weather getting colder and snow just around the corner, winter accessories are great affordable gifts. Scarves, gloves, hats and earmuffs are always useful, and fashionistas love to have tons of options to accessorize with their daily outfits.




2. Gifts for Coffee/Booze Lovers:  Drink ware

A fun mug, flask or glassware is always a useful gift for coffee/booze lovers! You can make a reference to a favorite movie/TV show, or even customize them with pictures to make it even more personal.



3. Gifts for the Girlfriend: Jewelry

Earrings or bangles are always a safe bet for holiday gifts. But jewelry can also be a super trendy gift, if you go for a body chain or flash tattoos!


4. Gifts for the Geek: Phone Accessories

Whether it’s a new iPhone case, waterproof speakers or a nifty gadget, accessories are always a fun gift for our “geeky” friends.



5. Gifts for the Beauty Buff

Every holiday season, Sephora, ULTA and elf Cosmetics release dozens of makeup sets for all budgets! You might even snag a couple for yourself …



6. Gifts for the Homebody: Home Decor

We all have a friend who loves staying in and watch the yule log on TV while eating a nice home cooked meal.




7. Gifts for the Gym Lover: Workout accessories

If your friend never misses a workout, fitness related gifts are guaranteed to be put to good use. They are also great to help friends with their New Year’s Resolutions!


8. Gifts for the Foodie: Cooking stuff

The perfect gifts for those who love to cook with the newest kitchen gadgets. Get some great ideas for dorm rooms and small apartments too.

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9. Gifts for the Wanderer: Travel Accessories

For our friends who travel around the world to some exotic destinations and are not afraid of longhaul flights, those travel accessories make for some useful and thoughtful gifts.




10. Gifts for the Music Lover

Love music and festivals? Those will make great cheap gifts for all music lovers.




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