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10 Funny & Completely Relatable Disney Memes

As a Disney lover, I was thrilled to see Disney memes circulate around social media and various internet platforms. I hand-picked 10 funny and completely relatable Disney memes for you to share with friends and others on the internet! If you spend any time on the internet, you will likely come across a meme or two.

1.  Maleficent Fools Meme

Maleficient does not seem like a people person and quite honestly, many years, but this year especially we have seen some foolish behavior by people. Imagine driving in your car, and someone cuts you off or doesn’t use their signals when changing into your lane. There is always a moment we run into that will surely make us utter the words “fools” at some time in our day!  

2. Lumiere & Cogsworth Want You To Go Away!

Lumiere and Cogsworth attempt to look like plain inanimate objects whilst hearing Belle saunter around the castle exploring each area, but it is compared to when someone knocks on the door for this meme. How many of us sit still and are quiet, hoping whoever knocked on the door will simply go away? I know I do this, and I am sure others have at some point in their lives as well.

3.  Monsters Inc. CDA clean up!

In Monsters Inc. When a monster comes into contact with a human child or objects, the CDA (Child Detection Agency) leaps in to clean up and decontaminate the monster and area. In this case, Boo was wandering around the facility, and they were looking for her.  This scene feels much of what 2020 and 2021 have been for most of us because of the pandemic. You may be sneezing because of allergies or simply because something tickled your nose, but if you sneeze or cough in 2021, there will be hell to pay!

4.  Mulan War Scene

Mulan has many iconic scenes, but I bet you never thought this one would be made into a meme. This meme is completely relatable when you have a baby or are up late working on a school project or studying. For me, when I am up writing or working, I will heat up some tea or a snack and race to stop the timer on the microwave before it goes off. If you ever tried to keep as quiet as possible while still getting what you needed, this meme is for you!

5. Winnie The Pooh Is Not Hangry Anymore!

We often get cranky and angry when we are hungry. In fact, the term hangry has been coined for quite some time to indicate the anger one has when one is hungry. This meme sums up how we feel once we are about to eat or have finally eaten!

6.  Buzz Explaining His Impression Of Earth To Woody

Well, he is not wrong here! Buzz Lightyear explains to Woody that there are not smart people around. We often feel this way when stepping out of our homes and comfort zones and realizing we are dealing with many stupidities. One may relate this meme to Charles Darwin. If you recall, in Toy Story, Buzz speaks into his wrist and explains there seems to be no intelligent life anywhere before he is greeted by the toys in Andy’s room. This meme is laughable and relatable on many levels.

7. Hair Dressing Instructions Gone Wrong

This meme is a total crack-up and relatable. When I went to the salon, I would ask for split ends to be cut off or a short trim of an inch or half-inch off. They would cut off a lot more of my hair than I bargained for at the time. How many of us ask for something that may not be exactly what we envisioned? Of course, if you ask for split ends to be cut, you may have a large amount in need of chopping, so next time you may just want to ask for the amount you wish to have cut off instead! Rapunzel shows you the side effect of asking for split-end removal in this hilarious meme!

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8. I Got Plenty, But I Want More!

If you are a makeup lover, a makeup collector, and a connoisseur of beauty in general. You may relate to this meme more than you want to admit. For myself, I have a lot of makeup, a lot I collect because of packaging, characters, and of course, Disney themes. This meme of Ariel sums up makeup lovers everywhere!

9. All Magic Comes With a Price, Dearie!

If you love Disney, you are probably familiar with the show Once that aired on ABC and embodied many Disney characters throughout history. One of my all-time favorite characters was Mr. Gold, also known as Rumple. One of his quotes was, “magic comes with a price, dearie.” This meme is all about anything Disney is expensive. As we know, it always is, whether it is merch, films, or attending one of their parks! This meme is both funny and relatable to a Disney fanatic.

10. Mary Poppins

This meme is quite funny and works under many questionable situations. For this meme, it refers to a friend considering taking their ex back, but I have seen this exact Mary Poppins mee used for other topics, such as someone saying that reading is boring. Whatever you have to question about a person’s response and choice and believe they must be ill to arrive at such a conclusion would be fitting for the use of this meme!

Memes are a huge part of our society, and so is popular culture. Many Disney memes sum up our feelings and experiences as a human race. We can share those with others to get a laugh or refer to them in real-life situations. Regardless of the reason for viewing and sharing the memes, we can all agree that they are funny and completely relatable. Share these memes with friends and family and spread the Disney love today!

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