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10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

Funk Makeup, 10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

Funk makeup has always been something fun to experiment with but recently makeup trends have gotten bolder, more colorful, and more extravagant. Below are some of our favorite funk makeup trends to try.

1. Colorful Eyeliner 

Colorful eyeliner is a major trend right now. Major beauty companies have embraced the trend from glossier to drugstore beauty brands, you can find brightly colored eyeliner. Bold colors like bright blue, green, and red are trending right now. This is a great way to change up your makeup routine, you can add a colorful wing or just a few touches here and there. Either way, if you are looking to change up your routine for some more funky makeup, this is a great way to start.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

2. Everything Glitter

Glitter and sparkly makeup is nothing new, but recently really bold glittery makeup (often painted on) has been trending. By adding bold liquid glitter eyeshadow you are automatically amping up the look and getting creative. These often come in bold colors, like bright pinks, and tend to be more saturated than typical eyeshadow. Glitter is a classic makeup look that you can make bolder by using a lot of colorful liquid eyeshadow.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

3. Rhinestones

If glitter just isn’t enough, you can add rhinestones to your look. Beauty influencers have been putting rhinestones either lining their lids, or just one or two at the corner of their eyes. This is something that you can add to a simple makeup look that adds a fun finishing touch. Rhinestones are really fun and the perfect way to compliment a colorful and funky outfit.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

4.  Flower Eyes

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can try using your makeup to paint flowers on your eyelids. This can be really difficult and time-consuming, but the result is definitely worth it. If you are feeling especially creative, and want to show your artistic side, this is a really great trend to try. You can create a completely unique look that is guaranteed to stand out. This is also a great summer or spring look to try for a night out.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

5. Peals

Much like adding rhinestones, you can add small pearls to your makeup for another bold look. If you like the idea of rhinestones as part of your makeup but are worried it might look too young, pearls are a similar look that feels a little more sophisticated. These are also great because they are a neutral color, so they can go with any look you planned. This is a fun twist on a classic accessory and is a great way to make a statement.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

6. Geometric Eyeliner

Another major funk makeup trend is geometric eyeliner. Many makeup artists are using eyeliner to create bold shapes on their eyes. This look also goes well with colorful eyeliner, if you want to be especially bold. Geometric eyeliner is a really simple look that still makes a statement. You can have relatively simple and clean makeup with it, but make an impression with your bold eyeliner. This one is a difficult trend to do because it can be hard to get the shape and lines how you like. It might be time-consuming but the end result is definitely unique and creative. You can make the eyeliner colorful for a really fun look, or do classic black for something more classic, but still bold.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

7. Glitter Tears

First debuted in Euphoria, glitter tears are a great way to take a staple in your makeup routine and create something new. Take your favorite liquid glitter eyeshadow and use it to create tears under your eyes. This is a really bold look, but with the right product can be relatively easy to achieve. This is a fun twist and typical glitter eyeshadow, and everyone will love the Euphoria reference. This is a great look to wear on a night out, or with a bold outfit.

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10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

8. Pastel Eyeshadow

Much like colorful eyeliner, pastel eyeshadow is a great funk makeup trend to try. Pastel eyeshadows, such as pinks, blues, purples, and yellows, are great ways to make an impression with saturated color, but it’s not quite as bold as some of the suggestions above. Pastel eyeshadow is a great look for spring and summer and can be combined with either rhinestones or pearls if you want to be really bold. Don’t be afraid of super pigmented eyeshadow, this trend is perfect for bold colors. This eyeshadow is great to wear with a simple outfit to make a statement. 

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

9. Cloud Eyes

Much like painting flowers on your eyelids, painting, or drawing clouds around your eyes is a recent trend that is very unique. This can be a hard look to achieve, but if you want to spend time essentially painting your face with makeup, this is a really fun look to try. This trend embraces the idea that makeup is a type of art, and is a great way to show your creative side. You can do just a few clouds by your eyelids, or really embrace your creative side and go for a bolder look.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

10. Colorful Eyebrows

Temporarily dying one’s eyebrows a bright color is not something people typically think to do as part of their makeup routine. This is a very bold look but is a great way to make an impression. Especially if you are a fan of dying your hair bright colors, you can dye your eyebrows to match or compliment your hair. This is a trend that most people don’t try, so it is definitely a really unique look. This is also a great trend to try if you are a fan of runway fashion. Eyebrows tinted various colors is a very editorial and high fashion look and would be great with a bold outfit.

10 Funky Makeup Trends To Try

Do you like funk makeup, or like to get creative with your looks? Let us know what you think of these funky makeup trends in the comments!

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