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10 Fun Things to Do in College

10 Fun Things to Do in College

College is supposed to be the time of your life. You’re supposed to get out there, meet new people, do new things and most importantly – have fun! Many people will turn to Greek life in order to attain this type of fun. But, what if your school doesn’t have a Greek life? No worries, here are 10 equally fun things to do in college, even if your school doesn’t have Greek life!

1. Go to house parties

House parties are not just reserved for frats. Students who live off campus will often host parties, just because. These are totally fun and a great way to meet new people. Everyone is invited and you and your friends can chill and have a good time.

house parties are cool to go to


2. Check out cool bars

If you’re 21, going to the bars is always a fun option! Also you can buy drinks and be happy to know that it’s not from some sketchy jungle juice bin.

check out cool bars

3. Head to the beach (if you can)

If your school is located near a beach or by the coast, go for a swim. The beach is a relaxing way to de-stress from midterms or finals. Not to mention it gives you a reason to get your tan on if the weather permits.

everyone loves the beach

4. Join clubs on campus

At every university, there are always clubs you can join like sewing, dancing, photography, etc. Find one that you like and try it out! It might be a fun way to learn that new hobby you’ve secretly been wanting to do.

join clubs and get free food

5. Go shopping

Getting new things is fun! I spend countless hours downtown or at the mall finding new ways to restyle items I already have in my closet, and of course buying new ones!

when in doubt go SHOPPING!!

6. Visit a museum

Some universities have their own museums where they showcase famous artists or even student work. If you’re an art lover, this one is definitely for you!

go to museums

7. Go to a concert

Find tickets to go see your favorite artist live or take a trip downtown to see some local bands play from your college’s town.

go to a concert and enjoy yourself!

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8. Go thrifting

New clothes and accessories can get expensive, especially while you’re in college. Find your nearest thrift store for cheap deals on used clothing.

Go thrifting! It's fun!

9. Check out other campus events

There are many events held by the school because they want their students to be involved. Check them out – you might be surprised how much you enjoy them!

Go to events on campus

10. Go to the movies

The movie theater reveals new films every month. Find one you like, grab your friends, and make it a movie night. Popcorn anyone?

Going to the movies is always fun


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