10 Fun Things To Do Alone In College


I’m a freshman at Kent State University. While I’ve only been here for about a month, I have not been to one party or done anything one would consider crazy, just quite yet. That being said, I have certainly had my fair share of alone time, which is why I wanted to give you 10 fun ideas of things to do alone in college.

1. Walk around campus

If you’ve never fully toured your campus (or even if you have), it’s always nice to just go for a walk and discover all the nooks and crannies your college is hiding. Exploring the campus can also help you to know where your classes are. Walking is not only a great way to clear your mind, but you’ll be surrounded by so many people, chances are you’ll make a new friend.

2. Try every food venue on your campus

Most college campuses offer a variety of food options. Now is your time to go check them out…each and every one (hey, you’re alone so – no judgements!). Pick a day or two to check out your options. You’ll be able to figure out which places you prefer and may be able to offer some advice to fellow students looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat!


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 3. Work out

If you’re looking for something to help pass the time when you’re on your own, working out is a great option. Even if you’re not the gym rat type – everyone should hit the gym on their campus at least once. Working out releases endorphins so, by the end of your workout you’ll not only feel good, but you may even discover that the gym is not so bad after all!


4. Read a book

I don’t mean an entire book, unless of course, you’re Speedy Gonzalez. But whenever you find yourself alone and are unsure of what to do, pick up a new book you’ve been meaning to read. Find a cozy place to nestle into – whether it be your bed, a bench on campus or a library chair – and get reading.




5. Catch up on Netflix/Hulu

Do I have to explain this to you…do I? The easiest way to pass time when you’re alone is getting involved in a new TV series. If you feel like you want to get out of your room, venture off to the movie theater. The idea of going alone may sound weird at first, but believe me, SO many people do it!

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6. Try every flavor of the Starbucks menu

Make a list of all of the Starbucks flavors and check them off as you try (including the secret menu options). Make your way to the nearest Starbucks and pick a random coffee from the list. I suggest to start with The Three C’s, try it hot and as a frap.



7. Go on Pinterest

I can log on to Pinterest and get absorbed for hours without even realizing it! Search for new ways to decorate your room and try recreating the ideas you find. If you like your room the way it is, why not try a new DIY project? There are PLENTY to choose from!

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 8. Write

I don’t mean start a novel..but set that pen to the paper and just write! If you have a journal, spend some time on it every day. If you don’t, college life is a good excuse to start one. You’ll be making memories you’ll want to remember, so keep them stored on paper. Try things like “writing to your future kids,” it may help you with ideas if you face writer’s block.



 9. Try some new music

Pandora or Spotify are great apps to help you discover new tunes. I LOVE doing this. You might even find your favorite band/singer!

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 10.  Go shopping

Within reason, spend some time at the mall or a department store and buy something for yourself. If you’re like most of us living on a very tight student budget, skip the purchasing part and just window shop. See what the new trends are and go back to your own wardrobe to see how you can style your own outfits in new ways.


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Image source: favim.com