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10 Fun Things to do During Spring Semester at the University of Alabama

There are so many fun things to do during spring semester at the University of Alabama, but here are the top 10!


1. Plan a Darty

A darty=DAY PARTY (for all you first-timers) (so aka a party during the day thrown at Fraternities houses). It’s what us kids at the University of of Alabama are familiar with, everyone else-not so much. You know it’s a good day to darty when you see girls strolling down fraternity row in their ray bans, either in a big t shirt, basketball jersey or high waisted shorts, holding a water bottle that usually isn’t water. A darty during the spring semester is just like football during the fall semester. Everyone’s outside and the house is surrounded with posts and garbage bags, blocking anyone from seeing the darty other than those already in. When you walk in chances are securities at the door, and as you go in, you’re surrounded by an ice lodge, the casual game of dizzy bat, a live band, blown up swimming pools, couches, puppies and beer… what more could you want?

2. Travel For Spring Break

Whether you travel a few hours away to gulf shores or Destin, 15 hours away to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, or even leave the country to take on Cabo, going away with your friends for spring break is a MUST. Not only is it a week without resposibibilites, it’s a week to have fun with the people you love the most. You get tan, take pictures (mostly blackmail), and create the most insane memories…whether you remember them or not.

3. Hit the Quad!

Not only is the Quad right in the middle of campus, it’s the perfect hangout spot for perfect weather. You’re surrounded by students, squirrels that think they own the place, and the beautiful Denny chimes. You can do homework, rent a dog, lay out, have a picnic, play fetch with your dog or simply play a casual game of football or Frisbee with your friends. It’s a great way to appreciate being a student at the University of Alabama.

4. Enjoy Nature on the River Walk

Walking distance from the University is the River Walk. The River Walk is a trail posted right along side a beautiful river where you can sit on the dock and enjoy the view, take a jog, go for a bike ride alone or with friends, or even take a day off to tan.

5. Explore the Cliffs at Lake Nichol

About 15 minutes away from the campus is Lake Nichol. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re bored on a Sunday and your group chat is trying to figure out what to do. You can go cliff jumping, swim, tan and enjoy the scenery. If you’re not in the mood to swim, bring some food, an eno, and post up in front of the waterfalls while enjoying the beautiful scenery lake Nichol has to offer.

6. Take a Trip to New Orleans

It’s formal SZN!!!!! Most formals are in New Orleans, Louisana and NOLA was definitely an experience to remember. As great as it is though, most people leave and never want to go back, not because it was a bad time, but because it drains every ounce of energy out of you (even some you never thought you had). It’s nearly impossible for the places on Bourbon street to close before you fall asleep and the city keeps you up all day and night. The floor is covered in beads and you find yourself spending money on things you didn’t even think existed—hand grenades, fishbowls…the list goes on. People will do anything they can on the streets of New Orleans for money, so prepare your eyes for the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen (and btw this is people of all ages). Anyone who’s been to new Orleans can tell you it’s a place like no other…

7. Attend a Crawfish Boil

Have you never tried crawfish before? Well if you haven’t, that will change if you go to school at the University of Alabama. They’re at every day time event, and not just a few crawfish, but hundreds, if not thousands. The ground around will most likely be COVERED in shells and as you try to avoid stepping on the countless shells, you’ll truly feel southern at that moment in time. With the right seasoning, crawfish can be life changing…would definitely recommend trying it at LEAST once.

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Here at Alabama, we support our athletes every chance we can get. (Yes, of course with football but Alabama has so much more as well!) A baseball game is a fun way to enjoy the beautiful weather and to hangout with friends while supporting our talented (and hot) baseball players.

9. Watch a Gymnastics Meet

Our gymnastics team is just another Alabama team used to winning national championships. In addition to baseball games, gymnastics meets are also a fun way to support the crimson tide!!

10. Prepare for the Summer!

Whether you’re going home, fixing your GPA, taking on a new job, an internship, or working on that summer bod, we all have that one thing were working on when it comes to summer coming up…so don’t procrastinate too much because before you know it, the semester will be long gone.

What else do you do for fun during spring semester at the University of Alabama? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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