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10 Fun Themes for Parties

10 Fun Themes for Parties

The summer party season is upon us, so chances are you’ll be hosting something. What else could liven up a party better than a fun, unique theme? Of course, you have the typical themes, like rodeo or Après-Ski. If you really want to make your party stand out, here are ten less conventional themes that’ll dazzle your guests:

1. Garden Party

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Garden parties are perfect for a sunny summer day. Decorate an outdoor space with flowers of all colors and kinds, whether they’re real or faux. This goes without saying, but guests should dress on theme. (Florals? For a garden party? Groundbreaking). In addition to floral wear, people can accessorize with elegant jewelry and—for those that really want to dedicate to the theme—floppy sun hats and gloves. For the menu, I recommend serving a fruity wine spritzer, accompanied by crudités and a light, spongy dessert. Out of all the themes on this list, this one will guarantee a more classy, subdued party. 


2. The 80’s

I’ll admit, this theme isn’t necessarily unconventional. But with the fourth season of Stranger Things having recently dropped, 80’s themed parties feel refreshing again. Throw your hair in a scrunchie, grab some leg warmers, and smear blue eyeshadow and blush all over your face. You can even pull outfit inspiration from Stranger Things or other 80’s-set shows and movies, if you feel so inclined. Naturally, you’ll want to play 80’s music during the party (or remixes of 80’s songs!). To amplify the wow factor, you can even add strobe lights or a disco ball into the mix. Jungle juice or blue lagoons seem to fit the 80’s vibe, and if you want, you can throw in some light-up ice cubes. 

3. Album Inspired Party

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Are you and your friends obsessing over the same artist? Or did one of your favorite musicians just drop a new album? Match the theme of your party to their music! Harry Styles is the first artist that comes to mind when planning a party of this theme. For a Harry inspired party, you can decorate the space with fruit decor (as per “Watermelon Sugar,” “Kiwi,” etc.), serve sushi boards (“Music For A Sushi Restaurant”), and base your outfits off of some of his most iconic looks. Obviously, the music you choose should reflect the theme, so play the artist’s best tracks. 


4. Nostalgia 

I’m a sucker for funny themes for parties. You know those TikToks where people dress as cartoon characters and say “I think [Spongebob] will be the drunkest tonight”? That’s where I’m going with this theme. Choose a show or movie from your childhood to work the party around. Spongebob is a great choice, since you can make dozens of different pineapple drinks for your guests. Be creative with it! Parties like these are sure to generate a fun and memorable (and boozy) time.

5.  White Lies

Again, this theme is not particularly uncommon. Still, I would love to see more of it. White Lies parties are a great way to break the ice with a group of people that don’t know each other that well. After initiation for my sorority, we had a White Lies mixer to get to know the new members better. It was a huge success. Not only do these themes spark conversation, but they’re also hilarious. I loved reading what everyone put on their shirt, though some of them were better left unseen. 

6. Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity and White Lies are similar themes, though I’ve seen less of this one. The idea behind it is simple: one person wears a black shirt, while the rest wear white. The person in black selects a coordinating card from Cards Against Humanity and writes it on their shirt. Of course, the people in white do the same. This and White Lies are perfect themes for a college party, as neither of them require too much time and money. Not to mention, they’re a ton of fun. Bonus shots for whoever has the best response to the black card!

7. Summer Camp

Getting total Parent Trap vibes from this theme. Wear your best tie-dye top and lanyard—you’re going back to summer camp! This is another great theme for an outdoor party, especially if you include a bonfire. Mudslides and s’mores would be an amazing combination for the food you serve, and you can also throw some hamburgers on the grill. A summer camp party would be casual, yet exciting; set up some lawn games, throw back some cocktails, and enjoy a night under the stars. 

8. Met Gala

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As someone who is way too invested in the Met Gala, I’ve fantasized about throwing a party that matches one of its past themes. 2019’s camp theme would be so much fun to recreate, but you can choose whichever. Challenge you and your guests to dress on-theme! Though some might fail horribly at putting together a Met-worthy look, it’ll be entertaining to see what everyone comes up with. 

9. Pajama Party

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Who else misses these days as a kid? What once made for a fun day in elementary school could become one of the best party themes. Though this goes without saying, all guests should don their favorite pair of PJs. If you want to go the extra mile, throw on some slippers, a bathrobe, and eye mask…whatever fits the occasion. No sleepover is complete without comfort food, so make a snack board for you and your friends, or order takeout. 

10. 2012

Yes, I included 2012 in my list of potential party themes. What is a 2012 party, you may ask? Let me paint the picture. All of your guests come in an outfit they would wear in middle school. I’m talking mustache accessories, Delia’s graphic tees, skinny jeans, Abercrombie branded shirts, high top sneakers…the works. The playlist for this party should be stacked with songs from the early 2010’s, from LMFAO to Ke$ha. Jell-o shots seem to be the move here, so have those on tap. Maybe I’m alone on this one, but I think a 2012 would be so much fun. 

Whether you’re hosting a pregame or an actual party, you should put in the effort to make the night memorable. Though when you’re in the right company, all parties are good ones. 


Have any more ideas for party themes? Share this with your friends and start planning!

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