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10 Fun Fall Activities On A Budget

10 Fun Fall Activities On A Budget

DID YOU HEAR?! Fall is on the way, and in some places, already there with the weather! Pumpkins are filling grocery stores, Halloween stores are opening up, and Football is in full-swing! Fall is the best time to spend with your loved one because it offers so many opportunities for hanging out on a budget! Check out these ideas and enjoy time with your significant other or your best friends before the snow starts to come.

1. Hit up your local pumpkin patch or apple picking area

Basically, it may sound lame, but think of all the opportunities it brings! If you get a pumpkin, you don’t have to carve it. You could also make some delicious pumpkin pie! If you’re digging the apples, then I see some baked apples, apple pies, caramel apples – I hope you’re picking up what I’m throwing down; food.

2. Hay Rides and Corn Mazes

I would say haunted, but if you’re one to pee your pants (like me) then I wouldn’t suggest that. But if you can keep your bladder under control, go have a good time! However, most haunted corn mazes are open during the day and you’re free to roam and get lost! Also, corn mazes and hay rides make for great photo opportunities!


3. Movie Galore

Ladies, it’s time to put up the chick flicks and pull out some hardcore scary movies. If you go all of fall without watching a single scary movie, then you’re doing it wrong. Give your boy a break from the girly movies and let him channel his inner protective mode. Honestly, acting really scared so you can cuddle with him…just think about it.


4. Hiking

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’re entire life, you know that fall is the season full of colors. If you don’t like hiking, going on a walk is even fun! Either way, this encourages you to get out of bed and be active!

5. What’s fall without Football?!

If you don’t go to a Saturday football game and you’re in college, what are you doing with your life? Double points if you go tailgating before. PS: Free stuff is always given out at football games so that should give you some motivation.


6. Fairs/Carnivals

Depending on where you live fairs and carnivals could be happening all around you, but you have no idea. You don’t have to love rides to enjoy the fair, because if there is a fair, there is deep fried Oreos. Everyone loves deep fried Oreos, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and lemonade. Come on.

7. Park Hopping

No matter the city, there’s probably 10 parks within 20 miles of you and you’ve probably only been to 3. Channel your inner child and go to the swing set. Enjoy people watching by the playground, or just take a walk and enjoy the scenery. It’s up to you.

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8. Camp Out

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the woods, your backyard, or the living room. Just set up a tent, gather some blankets, and tell some stories. Put the phones away and get to know your love a little bit better. There is always something new to find out regardless of how long y’all have been dating.


9. Discover a new town

I understand this sound incredibly weird, but with new towns comes new people and new restaurants. Go off the grid, to a town with limited Wi-Fi, one hotel, and three restaurants. A town where everyone knows everyone. Enjoy the company of your loved one without seeing your ex out in public.

10. Bonfires

Gather some ingredients for s’mores, but make it a contest and see who can incorporate the funkiest ingredient that still tastes good! Bring some flannel blankets for cuddling and stargazing, just make sure you don’t go on a cloudy night.