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10 Freshman Year Myths Debunked

10 Freshman Year Myths Debunked

Freshman year is a scary time for anyone, but starting it off with a bunch of misconceptions makes it a lot more difficult. Here are 10 common freshman year myths, completely debunked!

1. High school prepares you for college.

Definitely NOT. The things you do and learn in high school do not help you at all in college. High school teachers are with you every step of the way, but in college, you’re all on your own.


2. Freshmen 15.

This is one of those freshman year myths that is not (entirely) true. Yes, you get the freedom to eat whatever you want, however late you want, which if you’re not careful can quickly turn into 15 extra pounds. BUT, if you keep this in mind and are conscious about what you eat and stick some sort of routine physical activity, you’ll be okay.

3. College is all about partying.

Sure, maybe all the things you hear from college friends is about which parties they went to and how many people they hooked up with, but remember, they are only telling you what they choose to tell you. Those parties were probably only one night out of the week – they didn’t mention the countless hours they spent studying for an exam the other 6 nights! While the party scene can definitely be a big part of your college experience, you can still have a good time without it!


4. You need to decide a major right away.

You may feel the constant pressure to pick what you want to study and how you’re going to go about it, but honestly you have time. Go out and explore what you like and seek different options. You don’t have to go into college already knowing your future!


5. You don’t really have to go to class.

When it comes to freshman year myths, this a major N-O! Go to class, I repeat GO TO CLASS. Yeah, you have the freedom to skip class whenever you want but honestly, you pay so much money for these classes, why would you want to throw that money away? Get your money’s worth! You can curl up in bed and watch Netflix AFTER your class.

6. You have to join a sorority or fraternity.

Not at all! Greek life isn’t for everybody, and it isn’t a written rule that everyone who goes to college has to join – totally your call.


7. Everyone has the same college experience.

College is what you make it. What happens to you may not happen to others, so just go out and do your own thing, stop worrying about what others are doing!

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8. Dining hall food is terrible.

Okay, yes I know everyone’s sick of it. But I mean, where else can you get buffet style food with just one meal swipe? At least dining halls have nutritional options like salad bars…and unlimited ice cream.


9. College is just like the movies.

Please don’t go into college thinking it’s going to be the same way Anna Kendrick had her first college experience in Pitch Perfect! Movies are just movies – this freshman year myth couldn’t be farther from the truth.

10. Your roommate will be your BFF.

It’s honestly a hit or miss with your roommate! People have their differences and similarities but after living together for about 6 months you’ll see where she stands on your best friend meter. Just don’t turn out to be the crazy roommate.

Can you think of any other common freshman year myths? Share them in the comments below!
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