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10 Free Things To Do In Boulder, CO

Although Boulder is a quaint town, it offers many activities that will cater to those who want something educational or active. From hiking the mountains to visiting museums, Boulder is home to different people with different interests. The best part is that all of these listed activities are free and will not scare your wallet! So here is an epic list of 10 free things that you can do in Boulder!

1. Strolling Pearl Street

At the heart of Boulder, you will encounter the prominent street of Pearl. Pearl street or Pearl (as Boulderites like to call it) harbors a variety of shops, restaurants, and excitement! Almost any Boulderite will either ask you to meet on Pearl or just hang out if you are in town, making it number one on our list of free activities. For those who are visiting Boulder for the first time, Pearl is the perfect place to spend a pleasant evening strolling up and down while enjoying the small quaint nightlife.

2. Hiking Chautauqua Park

If you are looking for some free activities that will give you a good workout while your time here in Boulder, you must visit the breathtaking park of Chautauqua! We know what your idea of a hike looked like back home, maybe just a flat cement pavement with a couple of trees on the side? However, here in Boulder, you are subjected to a hike that involves tall and green mountains that will make you want to stop and stare almost every time. The best part is that there is no entrance fee, so you can park your car for free and get hiking!

3. Boulder Farmer’s Market

Recognized as the best farmer’s market in the United States, the Boulder Farmers’ market sells organic and quality products. It’s one of the best free activities in Boulder! From food to facial products, this is a perfect place to find and try things out for free. In other words, the market offers free samples and live music, so you can get away with testing a little bit of everything without paying! This market is a must-visit on Saturdays and Wednesdays and you cannot miss out on this exceptional family-friendly ambiance!

4. Boulder’s Museum of Contemporary Art

To all my art lovers, there is an art museum that does not charge on Saturdays and Wednesdays! Yes, you heard that right, you can view the art of local artists at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art without the necessity of paying, that is, if you go on those specific days. If you are into artwork that is unique to Boulder, then this is the place for you! The museum is across the farmer’s market, which is an easy walk, saving you also money on transportation!

5. National Center for Atmospheric Research

Fifth on our list of free activities in Boulder, The National Center for Atmospheric Research is the optimal place to get a wonderful view of Boulder. This research center is perched high above the city limits which gives you a picturesque scene of the mountains and the streets, this is a perfect place to get those angles in! In addition to the striking scenes, you will be given an informational tour about climate-related topics that will illuminate your perspective on this issue like never before. I do not know about you, but this sounds like an amazing free opportunity to knock out both an Instagram post and enlightenment on an issue that has been drastically been growing.

6. Boulder Creek Path

Boulder is the perfect place to get your steps in even if you are on vacation, and most of these free activities are physical. The Boulder Creek Path is a long and wide path that will allow you to cross the town with no problem. So, by following the path surrounded by nature and a creek running alongside by you, you will have some fun while getting that workout in on foot or by bike.

7. Celestial Seasonings Tour

Have you ever heard of Sleepytime tea? The manufacturer of that infamous tea is Celestial Seasonings and they are located in Boulder! The factory is located farther away from the heart of Boulder, but it is all worth visiting if you are willing to take a 45-minute free tour of the factory and try some free samples of the delicious tea. You will be given a tour of how the teas are blended, packaged, and shipped, so a behind-the-scenes of your favorite tea company is all worth it!

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8. Hike The Red Rocks

If you are looking to hike an interesting trail nearby your place, then you should definitely hike the Red Rocks. This is a fairly easy and quick hike and will make you want to sit on top of the rocks to look over the town of Boulder. Make sure to wear sunscreen if you are going to be hiking on a sunny day because the sun’s rays are stronger in Boulder and even harsher on top of the rocks! This is a go-to trail for many locals since it is close to the city center and is considered to be the perfect quick getaway from the busy street of Pearl.

9. Trident

For those who want to relax and spend an afternoon reading books, then the café of Trident is the best place to be. Many people go for a quick drink while indulging in a good book, but for free activities that are really free, you can easily opt-out of buying food or drinks and just simply immerse yourself in the plethora of books that range from astrology to philosophy. Many locals use Trident as a study, work, or meeting place, so if you have some work to do, try going to Trident where people will be busy doing the same things as you.

10. University of Colorado Museum

The CU Museum of Natural History is a free way to understand the history behind insects and fossils. It is a nice way to gain access to knowledge about things that you had no idea about! If you are looking to have an educational visit in Boulder then you should definitely try visiting the museum!

Let us know which free activities you would do in Boulder in the comments below!

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