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10 Cheap Things To Do At The University of Central Florida

10 Cheap Things To Do At The University of Central Florida

Let’s face it, if you’re a college student at the University of Central Florida like me, then you are probably broke AF. And this can really put a damper on things when boredom strikes. Luckily, there are tons of free and FUN things to do around campus.

1. Lake Claire

Free rentals of kayaks and canoes, beach volleyball, a grill and tables! This is the best thing UCF has to offer as far as outdoor exploration! Get adventurous – and fit – for free. What more could you want!?

2. The Rec and Wellness Center

If you are a fitness junkie like me you have already been to the RWC, the gym at the University of Central Florida. But for those who aren’t into the gym scene, there are tons of free and fun fitness classes that are offered. From hip hop cardio (one of my personal favs) to barre, zumba to spin, there are tons of options to choose from! You can spend hours here, and it’s completely free to all enrolled students. Amazing!

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3. The Leisure Pool

The pool is a great place to hang with friends and get a tan… for free! They play music and have a volleyball net in the pool for a fun pickup game! It is open 8-5 which is kind of inconvenient but its great if you can find time!

4. Memory Mall

Open grass field with trees to Eno, what more could you ask for? There are usually endless amounts of people playing soccer or frisbee, so make your own team or ask to join.

5. Concerts

UCF offers a lot of free concerts, comedy (k)nights, and speakers in the CFE Arena. It’s amazing how many concerts I have gone to, all for free!

6. Sporting Events

All sporting events are free of charge to all enrolled students! This is so great because some of my friends have spent hundreds of dollars on season tickets for their football games, and I don’t have to spend a dime. And we don’t just get football games for free, we get basketball, softball, baseball, lacrosse and many more! Such a fun activity to do with friends!


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7. Winter Park

Winter park is about 30 min away from campus, but is a cute historic town. There are colored walls and cute shops for those looking for some good Instagram backdrops. (Which might be all of us!) You will need a car or an uber to get there, but it is totally worth the drive.

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8. Lake Eola

This lake has a beautiful surrounding town where they have fresh farmers markets on Sundays and other activities all week long. It’s a great place to have a picnic, take pictures, and stroll since it is peaceful yet full of life. A truly great and free place to hang with friends.


9. The Reflection Pond

This is a nice spot to hang with friends and admire the pond! You can bring a blanket and some snacks for a picnic with a view.

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10. Waterford Town Center

The Waterford town center is such a fun place to walk around and shop with friends, or even just by yourself to escape to a new study sesh spot. Although it might tempt you to spend money, it is so big you could walk around and window shop for hours. There are restaurants, clothing stores, and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

Do you know of other free things to do at the University of Central Florida? Throw them in the comments below!
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