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10 Fragrances That Every ‘Clean Girl’ Needs

Many of us have found ourselves stuck in a department or perfume store lingering around for what seems like hours. I am definitely referring to myself when I say this because I have found myself staring down the endless aisles of quirky and distinctive perfume bottles not knowing which one to try next and most of all, not knowing which one truly suits me.

I can’t help but blame my horrible trait of indecisiveness for my not being able to easily find a fragrance. However, I can’t just chalk it up to that. After all, I have worked in a perfume store so I should have no trouble finding my way around the array of scents. I personally, identify as falling under the trendy aesthetic of the “Clean Girl”. As much as I love donning my dewy-looking foundation and highlighter and simple, yet elegant, gold jewelry, it is also important for me to find a fragrance that matches my clean look.

If you are in the same boat as me, then you’re in the right place. That is why I have found 10 Fragrances that every Clean Girl should definitely be adding to their collection.

1. Dossier – Powdery Orange Flower ($29)


First up is a fragrance by Dossier. This Valentino-inspired fragrance is not only perfect for the girls who love floral, but it also smells just like baby powder! Baby powder is one of the queens of the clean and fresh smelling family.  Baby powder is usually meant to be worn under your clothes and right out of the shower, but none of us can deny that we absolutely love the way it smells, right? This fragrance contains notes of both orange blossom and vanilla. While wearing this fragrance, which gives you just the right combo of floral and fresh, you will enchantingly feel like you stepped foot into a heavenly, orange blossom garden.


2. Laura Mercier- Almond Coconut Milk Eau Gourmande ($75)


Maybe the floral route is not for you, and you are someone on the opposite end and like something more gourmand. Well, this one is perfect for the oat milk latte drinking queens, such as me. Let’s not get confused and let the “latte” term deter you. I honestly hate the smell of coffee and think that there is absolutely nothing clean smelling about it. However, I am in love with oat milk lattes and the concept of smelling like it is even more of a dream of mine. The Dove Macadamia and Rice scrub is my absolute favorite scrub (p.s., you should definitely buy that scrub if smelling like oat milk is your vibe). For me, this is the perfume version of that scrub.

I personally feel like it is one of the fragrances that perfectly embodies the “clean” aesthetic. After all, it’s not too sweet and can leave you feeling both comfort and relaxation. This one has almond and coconut milk along with subtle floral undertones. It perfectly embodies a Cleopatra milk bath!


3. Fresh – Fresh Life ($54)



This soothing scent smells exactly like its name. This fragrance comes from a brand called Fresh, which is pretty self-explanatory. There honestly isn’t much to say about this one because everyone wants to smell fresh. However, as intriguing and sold as the name might have you, the scent notes found in this clean-smelling perfume may or may not be what you have embodied for yourself. This fragrance contains grass, cypress, and oak moss with notes of citrus that add the perfect balance. This perfume is not only dreamy but gives you an outdoorsy feel as well. Not just any outdoors though. You’ll be feeling like you are in The Hamptons, of course.


4. Replica – Lazy Sunday Morning ($144)


When you think of a lazy Sunday morning, a couple of things may come to your mind. One of them is relaxing, of course. Another one of these things is laundry! Sundays are usually laundry day for most people, and I can admit, I am guilty of consistently going into the laundry room in my house so that I can smell the detergent and scent of freshly dried clothes. I’ll admit it, two of my favorite candles of all time smell very similarly to the aromatic smell of laundry. The smell of laundry just instantly gives me relaxation and does make me think of lounging around on a Sunday morning. This fragrance resembles that and gives you all of the vibes and scent that laying on a bed with fresh, clean linen gives.


5. Philosophy – Amazing Grace ($68)




We obviously couldn’t forget to mention the obvious queen of clean, soap! Soap is the one thing that gets you clean in the first place and makes you feel fresh again after a long day of work. This fragrance is known to give you an “out of shower” smell, which we all would like to maintain. The scent notes on this fragrance are short and sweet! The key ingredients for it are literally just water and soap, which I think we can all agree that there’s no further explanation needed for this one. For those soap-smelling lovers, you are definitely getting what you bargained for with this one.


6. Clean Beauty – Rain ($68)



You can probably also guess the overview of this fragrance based on the name. If you did, you guessed right. Rain is another fresh scent that is loved by many and some of us would very much like to smell like it. Who doesn’t want to smell and feel like that scene in the Notebook where Noah and Allie famously reunite and embrace in the rain. This scent matches that scene perfectly. It’s both romantic and charming, but still calming and familiar. The scent notes have Bergamot, white flowers, and patchouli, which are all popularly found in clean fragrances.

You get the effects of playing in the rain as a child, but also are going to feel like you have just stepped foot into an Amazonian rainforest.


7. Clean Reserve – Skin ($98)

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Much like the fragrance “Rain” I mentioned above, this fragrance is perfectly curated from the same brand that specializes in smelling clean. This fragrance is literally called “Skin”.  This one is perfect for the gals who want to smell clean but not have an overpowering aroma. It is called “Skin” because it will blend it with your natural scent and cause you to exude a natural smelling scent. It contains scents of Vanilla, Orange Blossom, and Bergamot. The three ingredients that exist in every clean girl’s heaven!


8. Ariana Grande – Cloud ($45)


This fragrance made by Ariana Grande is definitely on my must-have list. Not only is the bottle gorgeous, but the fragrance is also just as dreamy as the bottle is. It is known as a gourmand fragrance and has notes of Lavender and juicy pear that perfectly blend together with coconut and praline. As if the pure fact that this fragrance is called “Cloud” isn’t desirable enough, it definitely sounds yummy enough for me to add it to my must-haves list.


9. Bath and Body Works – Cucumber Melon ($15.50)

This one is not as high-end as the other fragrances, but it is on this list because it is one of my favorite fragrances ever! I currently have it in my favorites collection. It smells very fresh and clean and smells exactly like fresh cantaloupe! This has a nice and summery feel to it and once you spray on this fragrance, the compliments are guaranteed to keep flowing throughout the day. It’s super refreshing and will definitely leave you craving some fresh watermelon. 


10. Jo Malone – Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne ($155)


This last fragrance is definitely not the least and is another one that exists for all of my fellow floral girls. This one is here to make you feel like you’re in a flower and fruit garden but still fits into the gourmand family. You get the best of both worlds. It contains notes of peach, honey, and flowers. This scent is definitely a little bit richer and it thrives in the perfume market as a unisex fragrance. If you’re the clean girl that prefers the floral route a little bit more, then this fragrance is the one for you. It also has a super upscale and elegant vibe that will give you a *chic* clean girl feel.

Every “Clean Girl” needs options and with every one of these fragrances, your inner clean girl is guaranteed to be bought out. You won’t just look like it on the outside, but you’ll smell like it too!

Amari Saxton

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