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10 Foreign Old Movies That Are Worth Watching

10 Foreign Old Movies That Are Worth Watching

10 Foreign Old Movies That Are Worth Watching

Finding a couple of good old movies to watch always seems to be a daunting task since you might not know where to start. However, we have compiled a list of 10 foreign old movies to watch for your next movie day. With this list, you will not have trouble finding a great movie to watch!

1. Bellissima (1951)

Shot by the prominent Italian director Luchino Visconti, Bellissima was filmed in the year 1951. The film takes place in Italy where a mother and her young daughter reside in the impoverished neighborhoods of Rome. Although not having a stable financial situation, the mother does everything in her power to place her daughter first. She boldly decides to enter her precious daughter in the prettiest-child-in-Rome contest to not only earn some form of money for the family but also to push her daughter to find interest within the film industry. By doing so, the mother believes that her daughter in the near future will find success within this competitive industry and avoid the poverty in which they live.

2. Death in Venice (1971)

Visconti has a couple of great old movies that you must watch! Visconti was also the director of the film Death in Venice, which takes place in Venice, Italy. Shot in the year 1971, this film is incredibly philosophical and focuses on a composer who decides to visit Venice in order to heal from an illness. During his stay in the beautiful city, he becomes obsessed with a boy who, in his eyes, is the epitome of purity and beauty. The composer documents the life of this boy and even becomes acquainted with him. Unfortunately, shortly after getting to know his muse, the composer passes from his illness which leaves the audience in utter dismay and curiosity.


3. The Last Adventure (1967)

If you find pleasure in watching adventure and romance films, then The Last Adventure by Robert Enrico should be the move. This film takes place in France, where two young men decide to embark on an adventure off of an island to find treasure. Along their journey, they run into a woman who accompanies them on their journey. The two men fall for Laetitia, who unfortunately dies along this treacherous journey. However, the film ends on a positive note of the two men finding the treasure and giving what is left to the cousin of their beautiful fallen comrade.

4. Bread and Chocolate (1974)

Bread and Chocolate by Franco Brusati, tells the story of an illegal Italian immigrant living in Switzerland. The main character, Nino, is an optimistic individual who does everything to gain a living for his family back in Italy. However, he runs into trouble for urinating in public and thus, ends up in jail for this act. Countless times, Nino ponders whether or not to return to Italy empty-handed to his family, but later decides against doing so. Out of jail, he goes through a major transformation, trying to become the Swiss by dyeing his hair blond in order to fit in this new country.

This film raises the question of hiding one’s identity and heritage to survive in a new environment. Although a dramatic plot, this film is considered to be a comedy-drama, allowing you to giggle at some of the moments made by the famous Nino.


5. The Last Emperor (1987)

The Last Emperor was directed by an Italian director, Bernardo Bertolucci. This film is for those who find an interest in historical and political moments in history. The film takes place in China and tells an interesting story about the last emperor of China who remembers his lavish childhood through flashbacks. After being captured by the Red Army as a supposed war criminal, the former emperor emphasizes the difference in the country he was raised in versus the country which is now dominated by a forceful power.

6. Oliver Twist (1968)

You have probably heard of the well-known musical, Oliver Twist which was directed by an English director name Carol Reed. This film tells the story of a young boy named Oliver who falls into a group of skilled pickpockets. He finds both comfort and joy being a part of this group, as he was an orphan who was not aware of any family before. He encounters many adventures and issues with characters outside of his beloved crew throughout the film. However, towards the end of this film, Oliver successfully finds wealthy relatives who take him in as their own.

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7. Breathless (1960)

Breathless was a film directed by the French Jean-Luc Godard in the year of 1960. This film illustrates the life of a criminal by the name of Michel, who kills a policeman. He turns to his journalist girlfriend Patricia, while he pulls together the financial necessities to get them to Italy in order to flee his issue. However, as Patricia becomes aware of the situation of her boyfriend, she begins to question her loyalties to him. Towards the end of the film, Patricia turns him in, only to find out that he does something incredibly surprising!

8. Conversation Piece (1975)

You can just never seem to get enough of the old movies of Visconti! In the “Conversation Piece, a professor who is both a landlord and businessman, rents to an eccentric family. The family creates many issues for the professor, allowing him to question while also understand the evolving attitudes in society. He discovers a significant amount about the troublesome family and even takes part in some of their affairs, which almost leads to his personal downfall. Intertwined are politics and symbolism which will not allow you to get up from your seat!

9. Mama Roma (1962)

In “Mama Roma”, directed by the Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, the movie tells the fascinating story of a prostitute. She does everything in her power to escape that industry by buying her own fruit stand to earn money a different way. However, another motive of this switch is not only to earn a wage in a more respectable way but to rekindle connections with her son, whom she abandoned when he was an infant. Unfortunately, while she does this, her former boss threatens to expose her past, while at the same time becoming aware of the fact that her son is prone to fall into a life of crime and trouble.


10. Accattone (1961)

This time the old movies of Pier Paolo Pasolini make their way to the surface! In “Accattone”, the main character finds himself working as a pimp in the slums of Rome for his girlfriend. While his financial stability drastically declines, he finds difficulty in supporting his appetite. He asks many women in his former life, including his ex-wife, for help, only to be turned back to his profession as a pimp!

After looking at this long list of old movies, which one would you watch? Let us know!