10 Fitness Bloggers For Major Fitspo

With summer right around the corner, getting in shape is a current goal for many. However, health and well-being should be something to strive for all year. For some extra fitspo, I made a list of 10 fitness bloggers to follow. After checking out the social media of these fit ladies, you’ll not only be motivated to get bikini ready for summer, you’ll receive fitness motivation to use year-round.


1. Kayla Itsines

Kayla, an Australian personal trainer, won an Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2015 for her business, Bikini Body Training Company. Her Bikini Body Guides are only available upon purchase, but she also provides tons of food tips, workout motivation, inspiring before and after photos, and workout videos through her blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Kayla’s goal, according to her Facebook page, is, “to bring incredible confidence and pride to women all around the world. We all deserve to feel great about ourselves,” this fitness blogger writes.


2. Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl

Rachel is a motivational speaker and yoga teacher. She provides inspiration through her website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. While Rachel’s main focus is on yoga, she also focuses on well-being and self-worth. She is a co-founder of 109, an organization that collaborates on mission trips and service projects. She posts beautiful pictures that will make you want to do more, live more and travel more.



3. Ashley Freeman

Ashley is a trainer, dancer, and traveler who, along with fitness and nutrition, blogs about beauty and fashion. Much like one of her fellow fitness bloggers, Brathen, she posts photos that are inspiring in their beauty. She has a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


4. Monica May of Fit Girl’s Diary

Monica is a girl on a self-described “weight loss journey,” but her focus is actually on being strong and fit rather than being skinny. Her blog contains healthy recipes and different types of workout programs for different goals. Her blog has a personal feel, as she wants to help other women become fit with the information she learned through her own fitness experience. Besides her blog, she can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and she keeps all of them updated with plenty of inspiration.


5. Certified Fitness Girls

Certified Fitness Girls is not a blog, however it is an Instagram with oodles of fitspo. It only contains motivating photos, no written content. Certified Fitness Girls is great to follow for any women who strive to be stronger and desire a more muscular look. Most of the photos are for muscle and toning inspiration.



6. Sophie Gray of Way of Gray

Sophie is a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. While her blog mainly provides products for purchase, her other social media platforms provide workout and nutrition posts, with an emphasis on wellness. According to her Twitter, this fitness blogger is “providing transparency through the gray areas of health and wellness.” She can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


7. Lita of Back on Pointe

Lita is a dancer who is working on becoming more fit while helping others to do the same. Her blog has tons of workouts, recipes and other inspiration. Her workouts are perhaps the most popular, which can be found on Pinterest. She posts on various social media platforms but her blog, Facebook page and Pinterest are the three that contain the most fitness inspiration.

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8. Laura Gordon of ChickenTuna

Laura is a fitness enthusiast from North Carolina. Her blog provides a lot of inspiring quotes, and her Instagram and Facebook provide lots of booty workout inspiration. This fitness blogger’s claim to credibility lies in the fact that she’s almost 50 years old, but her body is still amazing. Her social media is full of motivational selfies.


9. Lais De Leon

Lais is a Brazilian model. She posts selfies and videos of workouts. Her motivation can be found through her website, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Lais is one of those fitness bloggers who demonstrates #bodygoals in all of her photos.


10. Paige Hathaway

Paige is a SHREDZ-sponsored athlete. Her website is for purchasing programs and clothing, but her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter provide inspirational workout quotes, motivating pictures and videos of workouts.



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