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10 Fall Accessories Every Girl Needs

10 Fall Accessories Every Girl Needs

The fall weather is here. Get ready for sweaters and flannels. Besides clothes, girls should look out for accessories to make an outfit complete. Here are some of the fall accessories girls should have this season.

Delicate Chains

Statement necklaces are great for special occasions, but delicate chains can be worn every day. They also make more of a statement when they’re layered together.  Pair these necklaces with a simple v-neck and jeans, or wear it with a fall sweater dress. If you’re looking to try something new, find these chains in rose gold.



Converse shoes are optimal to wear during the fall. Summer is all about sandals. Winter is all about the boots. For fall, it’s going to be about sneakers. Converse are great to pair with skinny jeans, joggers, and leggings. They’re comfortable and never go out of style.


Infinity scarves

Infinity scarves will be another trend to look out for. For fall, you can wear lighter, printed scarves because the weather is chilly, but not chilly enough to break out the heavy knits. Try prints like ombre, southwestern print, and polka dots.



Boots are perfect for fall, they come in so many styles, experiment with styles. For a sleek look, go for the black leather lace up boots. For a fun, flirty trend, wear a fringed ankle boot. Also, don’t limit yourself with just jeans and leggings. Make a simple dress more “fall” by adding a cardigan and boots.

Nail polish

Maroon and burgundy are two colors to watch out for. The classic red nail is pretty, but try going for more jewel tones this season. Also, look out for muted, gray toned nails to pop up. They’re subtle, but can still make an impact.


Coffee to go Cup

For all the coffee fanatics and students with 8 a.m. classes, get a nice thermos to take from class to class. You can also put tea and hot chocolate in it.  Try looking for some fun printed ones so you can get your coffee fix in style.



Flower crowns are done… until next summer. For fall, look for the diamond encrusted headbands or laced headbands. You can wear them casually with a ponytail, or dress up a look with an updo. This is another accessory that can instantly elevate your outfit, and make it unique.



Get a simple purse to take with you when you’re not lugging around a backpack. A cross-body bag is easy and small. If you need a larger bag, go for a tote bag or a bucket bag. Also, experiment with fun fall colors, like orange.

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Statement necklace

These are great to wear with jeans and a plain shirt, because it instantly elevates the basic jeans and a top look. For the fall, find some versatile ones in black or gold, and then find a few jeweled ones.


Chunky rings

Remember when statement rings were a thing? A trend I see all the time is people wearing several rings at once. It used to just remind me of Phoebe Buffay, but now it’s a trend I’m dying to try myself.



Make sure you have a proper wallet to carry around with you. A little wristlet is perfect to throw in your bag.  A clutch can also fake out as a wallet when it has all the compartments.