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10 Facts Anyone Moving To NYC Needs To Know

10 Facts Anyone Moving To NYC Needs To Know

1. Walking might become your new best friend.

As subway fare keeps rising (recently from $2.50 to $2.75) it now costs over $5 to travel anywhere round trip. This may not sound like much at first, but believe me, it adds up…fast.

2. But you’ll stay super hydrated.

NYC has some of the cleanest and best tasting water in the country. Everyday, more than 1 billion gallons of fresh water is transported from giant upstate reservoirs.



3. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi.

As obvious as this may be, many people tend to forget: there is usually no cell service underground. Some stations offer free Wi-Fi, but it is rare! Before getting onto the subway, make sure you look up and save your directions above ground.



4. Personal space will be a thing of the past.

Sure, there will be that glorious moment when you spot an empty seat on the subway and are quick enough to snag it. Just don’t expect to basque in the glory too long – in a few seconds you will probably be bombarded with bodies in every direction, making you wish you had just stayed standing in the first place (at least that allows for a quick exit).

5. There is a right way and a wrong way to say things.

Houston Street is pronounced HOW-ston Street, not Hew-ston Street.



6. Have cash on hand…at all times!

Not only are many eateries cash-only, but tipping is necessary for all services…always.

7. Always go with the flow.

NYC is fast paced…very fast paced. If you’re a slow walker, here’s some advice: Break that habit before moving to the Big Apple.

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8. Learn the systems.

Make sure you know whether you are going uptown or downtown on the subway. Taking the wrong route will cost you time, money and probably a big headache.


9. Know the difference between an occupied taxi and a vacant taxi!

There is a little box with numbers on top of the taxi; when it’s lit up, the cab is up for grabs.


10. You can feel incredibly lonely in such an infinite city.

There will be days where you feel alone, inferior, and completely lost. But more importantly there will be days where you meet dozens of new people, experience things you wouldn’t anywhere else in the world and ultimately have the adventure of a lifetime – these are the moments that will remind you why you moved to NYC in the first place.