10 Facts About CSUN You’ve Never Heard Before

Take a look at these signs you grew up in California! If you were born and raised here, you will not be disappointed with this list.

If you’re from the San Fernando Valley or even from the greater Los Angeles area, you know about California State University, Northridge or as it is affectionately called by locals, CSUN. It is a staple in the community. Chances are if you’re from the San Fernando Valley, at least one of your relatives has attended this university. But for all that we know and love about CSUN, there are still some facts that are not that well known. Here are 10 facts that you might not know about CSUN!

1.CSUN has a history of activism.

In 1967, there were massive walkouts in East Los Angeles Schools from students who demanded a more representative curriculum for minorities. As a result, in 1968, African American and Chicano/a students advocated for  recruitment of more minority faculty and an establishment of programs that would provide support for minority students. All this advocacy resulted in the start of the Chicano/a studies program at CSUN in 1969.

2.CSUN used to be part of Cal State LA.

Can you believe that CSUN almost wasn’t CSUN? That’s right! Before 1958, CSUN was just a faction of Cal State LA. When it first became an independent campus, it wasn’t even known as California State University, Northridge. It’s name back in 1958 was San Fernando Valley State college. Crazy huh!

3.Its unofficial mascot is the squirrel!

Look, we all love Manny the Matador and mind you, being known as The Squirrels doesn’t sound as cool as The Matadors, but we all know that if mascots were based on unique or personal aspects of a campus, then CSUN students would definitely be known as The Squirrels. I dare you to walk around campus and count how many squirrels you see! I’m sure it will be at least five. They’re everywhere!

4.The campus has its own planetarium.

While CSUN is a relatively small campus, it houses its own planetarium. While it may seem like a regular building from the outside, the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium provides star shows every two weeks for everyone in the community. It is one of the lesser known attractions at  CSUN, but it is definitely worth the $4 admission. Be sure to check it out!

5.It even has its own ringtone.

If you really want to show your school pride, how about downloading it straight to your phone? If you visit the CSUN “Fun Stuff” page, you are able to download the CSUN fight song straight to your phone. If that doesn’t shout school spirit I don’t know what does!

6.There is an entire page dedicated to its famous cameos.

CSUN and the Oviatt Library in particular have been featured in some of your favorite movies and TV shows. From Legally Blonde to Star Trek, the campus has made the Hollywood rounds. But did you know there is a list of all the movies and shows that its been featured? Check it out here:https://www.csun.edu/mynorthridge/oviatt-cameos.

7.CSUN has had some famous alumni.

Like a true Angelino, CSUN has been basked in the Hollywood limelight. Not only has it been featured in Hollywood movies, but it has also given out degrees to notable alumni such as Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, and Cheech Marin.

8.CSUN has the best credential program.

Calling all teachers! CSUN awards more credentials to teachers than all of the UC campuses combined. The program is hailed as one of the best in the state. So if you want to become an educator in the future, consider applying at CSUN!

9.We have our own night at Dodger Stadium!

Talk about supporting the community! CSUN has a night designated for students and alumni at Dodger Stadium that serves as an opportunity for people to mingle and get to know each other. The bonus is watching our local baseball team play and hopefully win! 

10.CSUN has a Homecoming.

The event made its return in 2017 since 2009. It has even had a pig compete for pageant queen, though it was disqualified. It is sure to become a big tradition on campus!

What facts about CSUN did you not know before? Comment below!
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