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10 Exercises To Burn Calories FAST

10 Exercises To Burn Calories FAST


Forcing yourself to exercise is difficult enough, but even more so with all the seemingly advanced and boring strength and conditioning techniques out there these days. Sometimes, it’s best to remember the basics and have fun! Below are 10 awesome exercise ideas that burn calories FAST.

1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a great all-body workout and so easy to do; one of the best cardiovascular and strength training workouts for you. Just 10 minutes of jumping jacks burns 100 calories!

2. Squat Jumps

Perfect for toning up your butt, abs, and legs all at the same time, squat jumps are a miracle exercise. Burn 50 calories in just 10 squat jumps!


3. Burpees

Jumping up from a push up position does wonders for your body. Don’t worry, even when doing them at your own pace (so go ahead and take your time) you will see great results. One minute of burpees burns around 10 calories!

4. Jump Rope

Jumping rope for just 20 minutes can burn around 100 calories. Bonus – jump ropes are so light weight and portable, you can take them anywhere to get an extra workout in!

5. Hula Hoop

Weighted hula hooping is an amazing workout for abs, back, arms, oblique’s and it burns 7 calories a minute.


6. Crunches

By just doing average-paced crunches for 10 minutes you burn just under 100 calories…and put yourself that much closer to getting those rock hard abs we all strive for.

7. Lunges

Lunges are great for legs and abs and are easy to do anywhere. Do lunges when you study to keep your mind and body active simultaneously. Just 10 lunges burns 50 calories!

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8. Plank

As annoying as planking is, it is an amazing all-body workout that is worth the minute of pain. You can burn 25 calories in just 5 minutes (it depends on your weight for how much you will burn!)

9. Stationary Bike Interval Training

Set up a good uphill bike battle and your body will thank you! Here is a link to calculate how much you will burn personally.

10. Ballet

If you aren’t into to muscle building but you want to burn calories quickly, be healthy, and super fit, then this is perfect for you! Signing up for a ballet class is a great way to tone your body and keep it lean.

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