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10 Energy Boosting Snacks To Eat Before A Workout

10 Energy Boosting Snacks To Eat Before A Workout

I think it’s safe to say that finding time to exercise in between going to class, working, and socializing with friends can be pretty difficult. Lots of activity during the day can leave you feeling drained and unmotivated, I feel ya! But in the end, squeezing in time to workout is essential to maintaining good health. In order to give yourself a boost of energy (and hopefully a little extra motivation to hit the gym), here are 10 QUICK and delicious snacks perfect to eat before a workout.

1. Apple “Cookies”

Take boring old apple slices and peanut butter to the next level with this tasty snack. Apples have a high water content that will give your body an added intake of hydration. The fiber in peanut butter stabilizes your glucose level and fights fatigue. Simply core the apple, cut it in slices, spread a coat of peanut butter and top off with whatever you’d like – think granola, dried fruit, cacao nibs, etc.

2. Veggie Rolls

Carrots and hummus are great and all, but step it up a notch with this easy snack. The chickpeas in hummus are rich with complex carbohydrates, while veggies contain lots of vitamins that support muscle building – making it the perfect combo to eat before a workout. Slice a zucchini into very thin slices, spread with hummus (whichever flavor you prefer), place a few sliced veggies of your choice on one end, roll, and voila!


3. Spiced Almonds

The magnesium, fiber, and protein in almonds assist in regulating your blood sugar, so if you choose this snack to eat before a workout, your energy is guaranteed to last longer = better workout. If plain almonds aren’t your thing, try adding some flavor with a touch of honey and a dose of spices. Eating just a quarter cup of almonds before exercising will satisfy your hunger and fill you up long enough for a two hour workout!

4. Grape Dippers

Grapes are low in calories and full of vitamins, like iron which will help produce more oxygen in your body, making it a great option to eat before a workout. Enjoy an upgraded version of the fruit by dipping them in yogurt and chia seeds and freeze – it’s like a healthy version of the Popsicle, yum!

5. Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are great for drinking on the go, making it a great option to eat before a workout…even while walking to the gym! Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium, while adding a nut butter adds to your protein intake, oats contribute to a fuller feeling and milk provides calcium – talk about a well rounded snack!


6. Avo Toast

Filling up on carbs before a workout is a fantastic way to sustain energy, and avocado provides your body with the right kind of fats, making it easier to torch cals at the gym. These breakfast foods are perfect to eat before a workout bright and early!

7. Popcorn

Popcorn (without all the butter) is a healthy snack because it consists mostly of whole grains. It has tons of fiber, which will help you feel fuller longer. Try adding a spicy condiment, like Sriracha, to help boost your metabolism too.

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8. Cucumber Sandos

Cucumbers are extremely low in calories and have virtually no fat! They are also made up almost entirely of water, so your body receives the hydration it needs to get you through a workout! Instead of chowing down on a lone cuke, create a sandwich out of it. Slice a few pieces of cheese and low fat turkey, stuff between two cucumber rounds and chomp away.

9. Greek Yogurt Dip

Yogurt provides the perfect balance between protein, calcium and sugar, and it’s light on the stomach as well. If you can’t handle Greek yogurt on it’s own, try mixing it with some nut butter and a touch of honey. This combo makes the perfect dip for any and every fruit.

10. Homemade Energy Bar

Energy bars are a great snack to eat before a workout because, well, they provide lots of energy! There are tons of recipes out there, but look for one that’s low in sugar – you don’t want to crash from a sugar high in the middle of intense workout!

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