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10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Before School Starts

10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Before School Starts

June 20th marks the first official day of summer (woo!!). Along with everything we have planned, such as hanging out with friends, cruising the town, etc., the one thing that is on most people’s to-do list is to get healthy. Three months to get back on track sounds easy enough— right? Here are 10 great ways to get healthy this summer…and have fun while doing so!

1. Enjoy summertime’s tasty produce!

Upon returning home, you no longer have to deal with dining hall food. Instead, you have the ability to eat much healthier, so take advantage of it. The summer season brings tons of healthy ingredients perfect to add to your daily meals. Consuming fresh vegetables including beets, broccoli and green beans and fruits like berries, peaches and watermelon are all delicious ways to get healthy this summer.

2. Stay hydrated.

With scorching temperatures soaring over the country, staying hydrated is definitely a necessity (and an essential component of this ways to get healthy list). I know many may get sick of drinking plain water over and over, so try this trick. Jazz up your water by adding delicious strawberries, lemon, cucumber and lime to create a refreshing drink for those hot summers day. Opt for carbonated water if you like a little fizz.



3. Switch up your workout.

If you’re looking to get a good workout in over the summer, Barre and SoulCycle are 2 great ways to get healthy and fit. Barre 3 incorporates a wide range of workouts, focusing on strength and endurance…all while utilizing the barre. SoulCycle is a traditional spin class that incorporates weights and core strengthening. Of course, you could always take advantage of the sunshine and get moving outdoors. Whether it’s going for a run along the bay, paddleboarding on the lake or doing a crossfit session in the park, keeping your summer workouts full of variety will help to keep things exciting.


4. Go hiking…a lot.

Take in the gorgeous scenery, enjoy the company of friends AND get your exercise in all at the same time? What’s not to love?! Explore different areas around you and you might discover some pretty cool places. And since the weather’s warmer, you can even do some sunrise/sunset hikes and not have to worry about getting too cold!

5. Stop, breathe, relax.

After working out and incorporating better eating habits, one great way to let your body recuperate is to simply take time to stop and breathe. This will allow you to become more familiar and in touch with your body. So while breathing may not instantly boost your healthiness level – combining it with the other ways to get healthy on this list will definitely jump start the process.



6. Catch those Zzzs.

Yes, that’s right — sleep more. What better time to catch up on your sleep than during the summer. Sleeping allows your body to recover and absorb all of the nutrients from the workouts and foods that you have ingested throughout the day.

7. Create an upbeat playlist.

If you need a little motivation to work out, create an upbeat playlist that will get you moving. Hearing that one perfect song mid-excersise will instantly get your adrenaline going and push you to go that extra mile!

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8. Stress less.

It’s summer time, enjoy it. Try not to worry too much about the year ahead…you’ll be fine. Stress can put a real damper on your health, so if you can’t seem to shake those worries away, try picking up an activity known to lower stress levels. One idea is to draw in an adult coloring book; apparently it works wonders.

9. Lose the booze.

Summers are often filled with fruity cocktails by the pool, afternoon beers at the BBQ and many late night parties. If you can manage, one of the easiest ways to get healthy this summer is to eliminate all alcohol from your diet. The benefits are amazing; increased energy, better hair and skin, no hangovers, etc, etc. If total elimination isn’t for you, at least try to consume less.


10. Remember, it’s vacation!

This is by far the most important tip on the list. We’ve all worked extremely hard throughout the whole year, and by the time summer rolls around, many are burnt out. That’s why taking a vacation will definitely help you be healthier this summer because it allows you to unwind and escape your everyday life for a short period of time.

Hopefully, these 10 ways to get healthy before school starts will put you on the right path to feeling good and fully enjoying your summer break.

If there are any other ways to get healthy before school starts that you can think of, comment below!

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