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10 Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

So you’re in college and drinking games are practically olympic sports. While games can make or break any social gathering, many party goers and throwers don’t know all of the options that are out there. After tireless research, here is a list of the best drinking games for a variety of occasions.

For breaking the ice:

One of the primary functions of drinking  games is introducing strangers or casual acquaintances to one another to create a more friendly and laid back party atmosphere.

1. King’s Cup: It’s a classic played at plenty of parties and kick backs. What it lacks in creativity, however, it more than makes up for in its ability to break the ice. Players take turns picking cards. Each card corresponds with an action. For example, seven equals “heaven”. All players reach for the sky. The last person has to drink. Check out the rules!

2. Drunk Jenga: This game requires an ordinary Jenga game set. Before playing, write rules on the blocks such as “take two drinks”, “remove an article of clothing”, “Truth or Dare” or “All cat owners give 1 drink for each cat they have”. The game follows the regular rules of Jenga. Each player takes a turn removing a block using only 1 hand. If the block is successfully removed, the rule on the block is followed.


For when you feel like moving

Get active, run around, make your neighbors downstairs bang on your floor with a broom!

3. Beer Ball: So the goal here is to have all members (2-4) of your team finish your beers before the opposing team. Like beer pong, this game is played on a long table. Each side has at least two beer cans. Each player throws a ping pong ball  at the other side. If the ball hits the can the player that made the throw chugs their beer until the other team can touch toss the ball to each player on their team then touch it to the table.


4. Sip Sip Shot: Like Duck Duck Goose for the big kids, players sit in a circle and the player that’s “it” goes around tapping people on the head, telling them to “sip.” Each person takes a sip of their drink until the “it” player chooses someone and says “shot”. The shot person has to chase the player that’s “it” around the circle and try to tag them. If they succeed, they become “it”. If not,  take a shot.

5. Flip Cup: Another classic, each team has equal numbers of players standing on either end of a table with one cup and one drink per player. The cup is placed open side up at the edge of the table, and the first player of each team attempts to flip the cup, by flicking or lifting the bottom until it flips and lands face down on the table. Only after the first teammate is done flipping can they drink and the next person proceed, and so on. Whichever team finishes drinking and flipping all its cups first wins.

For music lovers

All you need is good music, good people, good times, and cheap beers…

6. Roxanne: Split everybody up into 2 teams then play the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police. Team 1 drinks  when they hear the word ‘Roxanne’, and Team 2 drinks when they hear ‘put on a red light’.

See Also

7. Thunderstruck: the game centers around the song Thunderstruck by ACDC. Everyone sits in a circle, drink in hand. When the word “thunder” is heard, the first person starts drinking. They can’t stop until ntil the word “thunder” is said again. Then next person begins. This continues around the circle until the song ends.

For kick’n it with close friends

Get silly with some drinking games with your BFF’s.

8. Movie Madness: Make a drinking game out of your favorite childhood movies. Take a drink everytime someone says Wildcats in High School Musical, and sing along!

9. Most Likely: A player starts by asking a “most likely” question, like “Who would be most likely to go to jail for public urination?” On the count of three, everyone points to whoever they think would be most likely to do whatever act was mentioned. You have to take a drink for every person who’s pointing at you.

For summer days

Why not bring the fun out to the pool?

10. Pool Beer Pong: Place a long piece of plastic or wood on top of a floaty for an awesome game of pool beer pong.


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