10 Do’s and Don’ts When You’re Home For Winter Break

Winter break truly is a strange time for every college student. You’re home with your family and all your high school friends, and regardless of whether or not you really want to be there, you’re stuck sleeping in your childhood bedroom for a whole month. Some things about winter break really suck, like once again having to be under the watchful eye of your doting mother and having absolutely nothing to do but get drunk in the rec room of some towny you haven’t talked to in like a year. But, some things aren’t so bad. Like getting to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in months and having fresh ears for all of your craziest stories from the past semester. Or just getting to sleep in, watch Netflix, and get your fill of home cooked meals. Still, there are many things to avoid and also some tasks to think about tackling with all your free time. Here are a few of the big dos and don’ts for winter break this year.

Don’t text your ex.

Just don’t do it. It’s not worth the minor satisfaction of seeing them reply immediately. There’s a reason why that door is closed, try to remember it.

Do try your best to really spend time with your family.

I’m sure this seems like a given, but it’s easy to hide in your room and think nothing of it. You might miss out on some good ol’ fashioned bonding.

Don’t spend all the your hard-earned cash,

working girl cash on cute Christmas sweaters and socks or those hilarious fake reindeer horns for the dog. Save that for stuff that isn’t so seasonally limited.


Do think about the summer internship applications

Do think about the summer internship applications that may have looming deadlines. There’s nobody better than a parent to give your resume or cover letter another look. Or, just use this time to do some internship recon. It’s about the time most business post positions. 

Don’t worry about all the weight you might gain

Don’t worry about all the weight you might gain while stuffing your face at every holiday dinner party you may attend. Eat that extra role, sister. You deserve it. And you’ll probably end up losing it all again when you go back to the school that pretty much starves you.


Do hit the town.

Go explore what your hometown has to offer. Yes, winter break can suck, but with the right amount of independence and alcohol, it doesn’t have to. Go to the local museum or the indie theater that’s showing holiday classics.

Don’t link up with those friends

Don’t link up with those friends who only hit you up during school breaks. If they’re not checking on you at least a couple times throughout the semester, they don’t really care. Sorry you had to hear it here.

Do buy your parents gifts, too.

You aren’t a kid anymore, so show your parents some love because they do a lot for you. A candle for mom and some cologne for dad? Siblings are another story, though. I’ll leave that one to each family’s own tradition.


Don’t feel like you have to be doing something all the time.

Don’t be constantly on your phone watching your peers have the time of their lives. Just because someone is in Mexico and another is in London, doesn’t mean they’re any better than you. Social media is a lie, just saying.

Do remember 2019 is a new year.

Leave everything that has ever bothered you in the past. The boy who drove you crazy all semester or the professor who just wouldn’t let up and all the self doubt and insecurity you may have felt. 2019 is for positivity only!

Got more dos and don’ts for winter break? Comment below!

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