10 Dorm Room Workouts For Killer Arms

The skinny arm pose is a staple, but how great would it be to have toned arms all of the time (no awkward posing required)? Whether your goal is to look like Michelle Obama, or to just cut down on the “chicken wing” look, there are easy ways to achieve killer arms; no gym required! I’ve rounded up 10 super effective dorm room workouts (yes, that means you can do them right in the comfort of your dorm room) that will leave your arms toned, sculpted and totally enviable.



1. 30 Day Arm Challenge

This workout is comprised of three exercises; tricep dips, push ups and mountain climbers – all can easily be done in a dorm room. Complete these dorm room workouts once a day for 30 days and you will DEFINITELY see results!


2. Summerlicious Arms Workout

If you have a pair of weights in your dorm room (and if you don’t – go buys some, they are totally worth it), you can easily do this workout. The punching portion adds a nice touch of cardio!


3. All Over Arm Workout

Watch out, this workout includes burpees – so maybe wait until your roommate is OUT of the room to complete these dorm room workouts. You’ll definitely needs a clean floor to provide a little space for the burpees and kickbacks, but a really great workout if you can manage.


4. No Weights, No Problem Workout

Get your daily dose of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with these dorm room workouts meant to get your heart pumping. The combination of burpees, jumping jacks and everything else work together to push you to the limits!


5. 3 Minute Workout!

A great workout for beginners, this routine can be completed in just 3 minutes! Try and repeat daily and you’ll feel stronger and more toned in no time.


6. Arm Toning Workout

Only using your own body weight, these dorm room workouts really focus on developing your triceps. A few twists to your typical plank (I know, I know; planks suck but they are super effective) and your arms are going to feel the burn.

7. Lean Arms Workout

Just like the name suggests, this series of exercises will 100% lean out those limbs of yours. A little bit more advanced then some of the other dorm room workouts listed here, try to work your way up to this routine. Your arms will thank you. (PS – chair and bench dips can be completed on your desk chair!)

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8. Beginner Arm Workout

Another great option for beginners, this workout includes low repetitions of beginner level moves. Once you start feeling comfortable with these workouts, try to add in more reps!


9. Upper Body Interval Workout


If your trouble area tends to be the backside of your arms, shoulders, and back – this workout is for you. In just 20 minutes, you’ll take on some deep muscle exercises that will leave you incredibly sore…in a good way!


10. KILLER Upper Body Workout

And now for my absolute favorite one of these dorm room workouts; the killer upper body routine from Lushious Lifts. Working your arms AND your core, this series is guaranteed to whip you into shape. Plus, you might as well get a nice ab workout in in the process!

Featured image source: a-fit-princess.