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10 Dorm Hacks To Keep Your Room Organized

10 Dorm Hacks To Keep Your Room Organized

1. Mark down things to remember on a DIY dry erase board.

DIY dorm hacks are the best dorm hacks! Just put a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in any frame and just like that you have your own dry erase board. Dry erase markers write perfectly on the glass! Jot down your class schedule for easy access or write some inspirational posts.

2. Keep your desk organized with toilet paper rolls.

Decorate them with Washi tape, paper, ribbon, or whatever you choose and place them on your desk to use as pencil holders.

3. Use Washi tape to color code (and for the easiest dorm decor ever).

Get organized by color coding different cords, chargers and even notebooks with Washi tape. Not only is it super useful, but looks cute too.


4. Maximize your space.

Bed risers give you some much needed extra space under your bed, but if you purchase USB bed risers with outlets…you’ve hit a double whammy; added space and the eliminated need of extension cords.

5. Hang buckets for extra storage.

Buy a couple buckets from the dollar section of Target, tie them together with string and hang them on a hook from your wall for the perfect spot to store your beauty products.


6. Use a bed side organizer for even more storage.

Don’t have room for a nightstand? Plop one of these bad boys on the side of your bed to have everything you might need just an arm’s length away (emotes, pens, phone….Snickers bar, etc.).

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7. Cascade your hangers to make more room in your closet.

We all know how small dorm closets can be. Save space by cascading your hangers with soda can tabs!

8. Utilize the space under your bed.

You know all those winter clothes taking up space in your closet? Guess what, it’s spring! Tuck those bulky clothes away in under bed storage units. Anything else that you don’t need for daily use can be stowed away too.

9. Shower caddies aren’t just for the bathroom.

Put one on your wall and turn it into a hanging organizer for your most used school supplies. It’s actually pretty cute!


10. Keep your snacks tidy…and handy.

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer as a snack holder instead. Buy one that’s clear so you can easily see what tasty treats you have available.

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