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10 DIY Tips For An Inexpensive Spa Day At Home

10 DIY Tips For An Inexpensive Spa Day At Home

Summer is now in full swing; you’re settled into your job and are probably ready for a vacation…or at least a little rest and relaxation. Since summer is all about saving money, especially for the upcoming school year, this may cause your relaxation budget to be very small (or completely non-existent). Well, a DIY spa day at home is the perfect solution to all of your worries. Check out these great DIY tips for an inexpensive spa day at home that will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of NYC’s finest salon!

1. Spa water is a must.

Staying hydrated is a essential (spa day or not), so be sure to keep water handy at all times. But not just any water! Add different fruits and herbs such as blueberries, mint and lemon to your water for a sweet treat that’s healthy, delicious, and will leave your taste buds dancing for more.

2. Body scrubs galore!

We all want soft, smooth and silky skin and body scrubs are great for just that. These scrubs are easy enough to make at home once you have all the correct ingredients. There are also many scents such as lavender, lemon and papaya that can create this wonderful exfoliate. My personal favorite is the lemon sugar scrub below.



3. Don’t forget the eye gels.

With all of the stress you may be facing at work, or all of the sleepless nights you may have from spending time with friend, this recipe is one to definitely try. The cucumber eye gel is known for treating the puffy and swollen skin under and around your eyes.

4. No spa day at home is complete without good music.

Although you won’t necessarily be at the Day Spa enjoying these services, you still can recreate the mood by playing some soothing spa music while you are enjoying your facial or as you lounge in the bath. If you’re playing music from your phone, place it into a sealed plastic bag to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.


5. Amp up your bath.

What better way to unwind by taking a nice, long, hot bubble bath? Dim the lights, add candles and play soothing music to recreate the serenity of the real deal spa right in your home bathroom. Toss in a few drops of essential oils, such as lavender or almond, to leave your skin feeling soft and renewed and your bath smelling insanely wonderful. For an extra dose of fanciness, sprinkle in a few rose petals too!


6. Pick the perfect mask for your face.

There are many different types of masks recipes available depending on what type of skin you have. One of the most popular DIY facial masks is made with avocado and honey mask, particularly good for dry skin. This simple recipe allows your skin to be replenished and refreshed especially during the dry summer days.



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7. AND your hair!

There are tons of options for hair masks as well. Depending on what ingredients you use, your hair will reap many benefits. For example, adding honey to your mask is a natural moisturizer for dry and dull hair, whereas lemon and apple cider vinegar remove access oils from your scalp.


8. Turn your shower into a sauna.

Just because you don’t have a steam room, doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! Before starting all of your treatments, plug your bathtub up and fill it with extra hot water and close the door. While periodically adding cooler water in, take nice big deep breaths from the steam that is being created around you.

9. Give your feet some attention.

Foot soaks are great for giving your feet the TLC they deserve. If you work somewhere where you are constantly on your feet, foot soaks are a guaranteed lifesaver for you. Thanks to Epsom salt and essential oils, this homemade foot soak will leave your toes feeling as fresh as can be.


10. As well as your lips!

Although this is a list of tips for a spa day at home, you can incorporate this DIY into your daily routine! This peppermint cocoa lip balm is the perfect way to round out your spa day to truly give yourself a pampering from head to toe!

Do you have any other tips or DIYs for the perfect spa day at home? Share in the comments!

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