10 Different Outfits To Wear Out To Dinner

10 Different Outfits To Wear Out To Dinner

Now that things are finally starting to feel back to normal, a lot of us have started going out to eat again. Because you may have forgotten how to put together good dinner outfits after all this time off, we’ve put up a list of 10 different outfits to inspire you!

1. Long Satin Dress

First up on our list of dinner outfits to inspire you is a long satin slip dress. If you want to look like the classiest and most elegant person in the restaurant, this one’s for you. The material itself is enough to make you look like a glowing model who just stepped off the runway; you will look effortlessly sophisticated and fashionable all at once with a midi slip dress. Opt for one with a slit or in a unique color to add a more personalized twist to the look and finish off your ensemble with a pair of show-stopping heels.

2. Casual Yet Chic

Next up on our dinner outfits list is one that screams casual yet chic. Matching an oversized blazer with a pair of biker shorts is the perfect combination to ensure you look classy while still being more casual. Throwing your hair in a sleek low bun or ponytail is the ideal hairstyle when you are hoping to achieve this effortless vogue ensemble; sometimes the best looks for a dinner outing are those that require the least amount of complex attention. Accessorize with a pair of sunglasses, a stylish fanny pack, and trendy gold jewelry to finish off the look. 


3. Colorful Monochrome

Although dinner outfits are more typically known to steer into the area of darker colors, a colorful monochromatic look is the way to go if you want to switch things up. Not only are you brightening things up you are doing fabulous while doing so because of how classy a monochromatic ensemble is! Opting for a bright hue such as orange and a contrasting patterned shoulder bag gives you the perfect balance of a unique outfit without going too overboard. It is important to remember that switching up your color scheme when choosing a dinner outfit will ensure that your look is personalized and individually tailored to your favorite fashions!

4. Bodysuit

A staple item for all of your dinner outfits should be a bodysuit. These can be found in a wide variety of styles ranging from satin spaghetti straps, sleek long sleeves, sheer materials, animal prints, and so much more. Whichever style, material, and color you choose for your bodysuit your outfit is guaranteed to look ten times more stylish! You can also choose to wear your bodysuit with all sorts of different bottoms to complete your look; if you want a more girly look, mix it with a midi silk skirt, or if you want a more casual approach, pair it with your favorite pair of mom jeans. No matter which direction you choose, you will look ready for a night out!

5. A Pop Of Color

Another way to make your dinner outfits more unique is to mix in a pop of color. Begin with a neutral tone as your foundation; create a monochromatic appearance with whichever color you like, such as white, tan, or brown. Then decide how you’re going to use your pop of color! In the outfit above, the tan shirt is paired with a tan skirt, and the stunning oversized pink blazer, which is matched with the handbag, adds a flash of color. This strategy is a subtle way to draw attention to your dress without straying too far from your comfort zone; it’s a simple way to add a distinctive spin to more traditional dinner outfits.


6. All White Fit

Especially during the warmer months, an all white approach to dinner outfits is the way to go. Not only is it classy and fashionable, but opting for an all white fit also gives you a very fresh and fun look all at the same time. If all white is too boring for you, add a splash of color with your accessories, such as a bright shoulder bag or colorful jewelry. An all white fit creates a less serious dinner look and gives off a more summery and unbothered vibe. To complete the ensemble, throw your hair into a claw clip and step into a pair of strappy sandals!

7. All Black Fit

An opposite approach would be an all black dinner fit! This style fits more traditionally to what you might think of when you think of dinner outfits; you really can never go wrong with stepping out in a classy all black look. If you wanted to take a more unique twist on the idea, we recommend creating an all black look with different materials and textures to add dimension. Gold jewelry is absolutely essential if you are wearing all black as it creates the perfect contrast and will make your ensemble look ten times more classy.

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8. Black Leather Trousers

Up next on our list of dinner outfits is one that is intended for those of you who are looking for a sophisticated and more casual look. The perfect recipe for an elegant and strikingly beautiful ensemble is a pair of black leather trousers, a sleek black bodysuit, and a pair of classy heels. The trousers will not only make you feel wonderful and fashionable, but they will also make you appear amazing in a more relaxed and effortless manner. They’re easy to dress; you can opt for a monochromatic look or add a pop of color; either way, you will look polished and ready for dinner.

9. A Leather Blazer

Would this even be a rundown of the best dinner outfits if we did not include at least one with a leather blazer? Definitely not! If you want to go for one of our favorite chic looks, a leather blazer paired with pretty much anything is the perfect way to go. One example would be wearing your blazer with a mini satin dress; this creates a flirty yet classy look all in one. Matching that with a pair of knee-high heeled boots will lock in this ultra-fashionable ensemble. 

10. Ultra Casual

If none of these dinner outfits are speaking to you because you prefer more effortless and comfortable looks, we have just the right idea for you. For a more ultra casual look that will still leave you feeling trendy and stylish, opt for an oversized button-up shirt and a pair of midi jean shorts! What could be more simple has the added stylish touch when you match your fit with a pair of trendy sunglasses, a shoulder bag, and ankle boots. Who says you can’t be comfy and casual while still looking like a model off duty? Plus, opting to coordinate your color scheme will make it seem like you put in more effort than you actually did for a chic dinner fit. 


We hope that these 10 dinner outfits have inspired you to treat yourself and take a night out with your friends! Which of these ‘fits will you be wearing out to your next dinner? Let us know in the comments below!