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10 Differences Between Freshmen and Sophomore Year

10 Differences Between Freshmen and Sophomore Year

1. Your level of comfort

Freshman year is scary. You’re at a new place, with people you don’t know. You’ve only been on campus a few times before the start of the semester and the whole campus is foreign to you. By sophomore year you practically know campus like the back of your hand. You know the fastest route to your next class, and faces are more familiar to you then when you first started.

2. Work ethic

Your freshman year work habits are slim to none, if you’re like me anyhow. You pretty much have a degree in procrastination. You keep putting off studying for that test and writing that paper, because if you got away with it in high school, you can get away with it in college, right? Wrong. By sophomore year, you know better than to crack open the book the night before the test. The library is basically your best friend sophomore year.


3. Participation

Freshman year everyone is eager to join clubs and groups to meet new people. By sophomore year, people are a little less enthusiastic when it comes to joining things. Many people think it’s too late to join clubs by this time, but clubs are always accepting new members, no matter what year you are.


4. Familiarity of the campus

When I first started on my campus, I was a little confused as to what building was where, and what classes were in that building. A lot of freshman keep their schedule close by and can be seen clutching to it for dear life as they walk around campus trying to find their class. When you’re a sophomore, the campus is a lot more familiar to you. You’ve had a year to get familiar with the campus, and you can find your class with ease.

5. Friendships

When you first start out your freshman year, you may tend to be a little shy. Making new friends can be scary and intimidating at first, but slowly you start to talk to the people in your class and see you have lots in common, including that weird professor! By sophomore year you have your close group of friends you always hang out with on campus, and you class friends you always cut up with when the professor isn’t looking.


6. Getting ready for class

Freshman year you most likely want to make a good impression. So you get up a little early and put makeup on and pick out the perfect outfit. When sophomore year rolls around, you’re a pro at rolling out of bed and getting to class.


7. Attending class

Freshman year you’re like “I have to go to class every day. I can’t skip!” Then sophomore year comes and you’re like “psshh, I don’t feel like going today, so I won’t.”

8. Books

Freshman year you buy every book, you have color coordinated binders and notebooks, sticky notes, the whole works. Sophomore year you wait till classes start to see if you even need the book, and as far as notebooks and binders go; you only have one.

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9. Eating

Freshman year you probably eat in the cafeteria all the time, and if you don’t have a meal plan, you and your friends go grab a bite to eat off campus. When you’re a sophomore however, you realize how expensive eating really is and you bring your own lunch, or just skip it all together.


10. Your experience

Freshman year everything is new to you. The campus, the professors, the people. It can be a bit overwhelming. You want to take in everything and do it all. By sophomore year, you’re used to everything. You know what the campus has to offer and you take advantage of it.


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