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10 Destinations You Should Have On Your Travel Bucket List

10 Destinations You Should Have On Your Travel Bucket List

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We all have places in the world we wish we could see at least once in our lifetime. With so many places waiting to be explored, our travel bucket lists keep growing. Once we save up all our pennies, we are definitely going to go out there and explore. If you want to travel but are unsure as to where to head to first, we have you covered.  Here is a curated list of my recommendations for the 10 destinations you should have on your travel bucket list.

1.New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city full of history and culture. From the Mardi Gras festival at the beginning of the year from its history with voodoo and witchcraft, this is definitely a city you will want to visit at least once in your life. Be sure to try all of the delicious Creole cuisine and walk through the French Quarter and the Garden District. If you are feeling brave, you might even want to take a swamp tour and say hi to our alligator friends. This is the perfect travel bucket list destination.

2.Paris, France

Some might say that this is a cliche. However, Paris has earned a reputation for being one of the best destinations among travelers. From its famous landmarks to its museums, Paris has established itself as a destination you can’t miss. Stop by the Eiffel Tower  and the Louvre Museum and then head over to one of the city’s countless cafes for a Parisian lunch. If you are feeling a little adventurous, head over to Crazy Horse for a cabaret show.


3.London, England

This is another destination that some might call a cliche, but it has been on travel bucket lists for ages. London has a rich literary history which will entice any bookworm to traveling to this glorious city. From riding on a double decker bus to getting a view of the city from atop the London Eye, London has its share of  activities you wouldn’t want to miss. Be sure to head over to the British Library as well as the British Museum. Have lunch at a local pub and then head over o Buckingham Palace to say hi to the Queen. Don’t forget about Big Ben.


4.Cairo, Egypt

Getting to visit the Pyramids of Giza is a once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss. After a day of exploring the pyramids and traveling down the Nile River by boat, head over to the Museum of Cairo where you can see collections of Egyptian antiquities.  Be sure to visit the bazaar district where you can stock up on local goods and interact with the locals.

5.Tokyo, Japan

Traveling to Japan is a complete culture clash which is an important thing to experience if we are ever going to understand the world around us. From cat cafes to the fashions of the Harajuku district, Japan is an experience everyone should have in their life. Immerse yourself in the culture and you will come back with a new perspective. I hear the food is amazing.


6.Beijing, China

In our exploration of Asian countries, China is on top of our lists. From climbing the Great Wall of China to eating scorpions on a skewer, Beijing is another city that will bring you out of your comfort zone. The food, the people, and the culture have always been enticing to the west. Now learn about its dynasty first hand. Visit the emperor’s temple and learn about the history that has persisted so long.

7.Mexico City, Mexico

Another culture whose history has lasted millennia lies in Mexico City. Visit the pyramid of Teotihuacan and learn about the ancient Aztecs  who built the structure. Head over to La Casa Azul and learn about one of Mexico’s most famous artists, Frida Kahlo. Explore the cities architecture and museums and be sure to have some authentic Mexican food. There is nothing like it out there.

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8.Portland, Oregon

If you prefer small town life, Portland is the perfect place to escape. With its many cafes and bookstores, an introvert will be in heaven here. The Japanese Garden is a must as is the Portland Zoo. It is the perfect place to come and relax or even retire. You won’t regret coming here that’s for sure.


9.Zagreb, Croatia

Explore the coastal town of Zagreb. The beautiful architecture is enough to make me want to move there. Indulge in the Gothic churches and cathedrals and visit some the town’s most eccentric spots like the Museum of Broken Relationships. Sail away for a few hours on a boat and come back refreshed and ready to take on life.


10.Santorini, Greece

There is nothing like the crystal blue waters of Greece. Santorini is the perfect island for a bucket list because of its many tourist attractions like the Red Beach. You can also head over to a winery and sample Grecian wine. Greece has great white buildings that are even more striking in person. Come appreciate the architecture, the food, the culture, and the people. It is a great travel destination for couples.

What travel destinations are on your bucket list? Comment below!