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10 Designs To Paint On A Foldup Table For Your College House

10 Designs To Paint On A Foldup Table For Your College House

10 Designs To Paint On A Foldup Table For Your College House

Having a good fold-up table at your college home to play games on or just to keep as a dinner table is essential nowadays. If you’re looking to paint a table for you and your roomies, you are going to love these designs for some inspo!

1. Drunkin’ Donuts

If you’re anything like me and my friends at school, we literally run on Dunkin. So why not combine your caffeine addiction with your love of all things drinking games? This is a cute play on words that fills up space on your table without having to paint in too much detail. In fact, it’s the perfect college table idea because you are including your number one food group: iced coffee, and your love of partying.

2. Rolling Stones Tongue

Everyone should know the Rolling Stones’ logo of the tongue sticking out by now, and thank goodness vintage style is coming back in. The fun part about this table piece is you can color the background or tongue itself any design you want. I’ve seen people do tie-dye, leopard print, or an American flag for instance and they all look sick. We customized ours with a little candy heart with our house number in the middle of it on the tongue.


3. Bad and Boozy

If you have a color theme for your table, you may want to fill it with cute little sayings that you can paint any color and you will still know what they mean. For example, a play on Migos’ song “Bad and Boujee” but instead incorporate an alcoholic play on words! The pink and white block lettering makes it almost three-dimensional, so it’s a more simple design for a block on your table that you just don’t want to put a ton of work in but still want it to look cohesive.

4. Spongebob “Intoxication”

Most of us have seen Spongebob by now and know how many memes the show has curated. One of the most iconic is the picture of Spongebob saying “Imagination” with a rainbow in between his hands. You don’t have to use the word intoxication even, it can truly be whichever word you and your friends want. However, this is a great picture to paint on your table especially if you are artistically talented.

5. Alcohol Brands

If you are making a table, chances are that you are looking to incorporate a ton of alcoholic beverage brands to really solidify the drinking games table. On our table, we put the brands in the center in the shape of a diamond and it looked absolutely adorable. Ask your friends about their favorite drinks such as White Claw seltzers or Malibu rum and paint their logos all over the table. It is a fun way to fill space and stick to the theme without having to be extremely creative.


6. Your School Name

Nothing says college quite like the name of your school painted on your pong table. You can paint the nickname of your school in the color scheme that you picked or even include organizations you are a part of like your sorority on it. It gives your table individuality that will be a hit among your friends at school, and it uses up space that you will be dying to fill by the end.

7. Your House

If you have a friend who can really paint, have them draw out your school apartment or house and the silhouettes of you and your roommates. People will love that you guys are all on the table and it is the perfect personalization piece for a college table. These tables are meant to be little memories of your college experience and nothing better represents that than the house you lived in the year the table was made! If you need a bit of assistance, sketch it out with a stencil first and start to paint over it because I know we aren’t all on Picasso’s level of artistry.

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8. Shoot Your Shot

So I can only assume you will be using this table for drinking games for the most part. Since we have gotten that out of the way, beer pong is one of the most famous games to play during your college time. These folding tables are perfect for games both indoors and outdoors, and I’m confident that you’ll probably be playing pong at some point on it. With that all being said, “shoot your shot” is a well-known saying that works with both your love life and your pong life. Take after this person and paint the saying on the table with a picture of pong balls and cups so people know you mean business when it comes to games.

9. Save Water, Drink Beer

An easy picture for your table is the save water, drink beer quote. You can replace beer with any beverage of your choice that you guys prefer on the weekends. A cute design that could accompany this is drawings of beer taps with different names of beers or alcohol on them. It fits the drinking theme of the table and can be color coordinated. You can also just write save water, drink alcohol, and use random liquor brands that you like on the table.

10. Ain’t No Laws

Finally, you must paint something incorporated with White Claw, the Holy Grail of spiked seltzers. A table would not be the same without a reference to the seltzer that started an obsession throughout the country. One of the most well-known sayings is “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws” and we really live by that. So, do yourself a favor and paint the White Claw logo but instead of just writing the brand name, write this little saying and it makes for the perfect table painting.


We all love a good pong table that is personalized to your liking! Let me know your favorite table paintings in the comments below.

Featured Image by: Zoe on Pinterest