10 Decoration Ideas To Personalize Your Dorm Room


When you live in a dorm building that consists of hundreds and hundreds of identical looking rooms…it can be tough to ever really feel like you’re “home.” Hard concrete floors, unforgiving neon lights, and bleak off-white walls – yeah, dorm rooms can be pretty boring. This is why you need to take some action to personalize your dorm – it’ll make a world of a difference! Here are 10 easy decoration ideas to give your dorm room a little personalized touch!

1. Fill it up with familiar faces and places.

What’s cuter than hanging up pictures on your wall? Print some funny ones and use sticky tack or tape to hold them in place. If you’re feeling creative, position them in a formation or shape of sorts (like I did in my room, pictured below). It might even be essential for you to have a picture frame or two of a certain special someone on your desk; it’s always nice to have a physical reminder of everyone that is important to you.

2. Light it up.

If you’re anything like me, the blaring overhead light that comes with your dorm room is obnoxious, and about as far from personalized as you can get. Thankfully, there are other gadgets and objects to illuminate your room. A college girl personal favorite is string lights (AKA Christmas lights). They’re perfect for gentle lighting, and they’re fun to hang all around the room. Lava lamps are also really cool and trendy. Or, just go traditional and buy an office lamp, but remember; the simpler the object, the blander the room.


3. Display key words and phrases that represent you.

Most people have a quote (or twenty) that is meaningful to them. You can copy those phrases onto sticky notes, or purchase 3D phrases. There are wall stickers too, that work towards the same effect. These statements give insight as to who you are as a person. Last year, my roommate decided to hang up fortune cookie messages on the wall. It was so endearing!

4. Get artsy.

We all have our own talents and aspirations. If you’ve created something that you’re proud of, why not display it? Whether it be a drawing, painting, poem, sculpture, or even original song lyrics, if it’s important to you, show it off. It will definitely be a unique statement piece that can instantly personalize your dorm.

5. Personalize your dorm with hooks…

Command hooks are a dorm room essential not only are they convenient and practical, but they can be decorative as well. Choose to hang up articles of clothing and accessories in a “museum display” sort of way. Plus, whenever you want to wear that item, you can grab it quickly. I always love to see hats hung up, as well as.


6. Throw pillows make for great personalized decor.

Nothing is better than something that provides both comfort and style. Throw pillows do just that. You can use them for naps, back support, and even just chillin’ on your bed. Throw pillows come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors; they really bring the theme of your room together.

7. Break away from boring dorm desk chairs with extra seating.

An extra chair is always needed in a dorm room. “Butterfly chairs” are great because they’re so plush, and fold up nicely when you need space. The chair in my dorm room has become more of a guests-who-have-come-to-hangout chair than for my personal use. Although, if I did regularly use it, I would use it to sit cross legged and read.

8. Storage units can be pretty too.

Even the way that you organize your belongings can be vamped up to make a bit more personal. Buy some bright and bold colored bins that match the décor of your room. If you happen to be a book lover, sort your books by height or in a trendy formation. The extra effort will show through.


9. Don’t forget to look up!

So you’ve styled your walls appropriately, but what about your ceiling? It may not seem as apparent, but if you have time to do it, go for it! I’ve always had a weak spot for glow in the dark, stick on stars. For all of those restless nights, just stare upward at your own personalized night sky. Some other inventive décor items that can hang or be pressed onto your ceiling include: dream catchers, lanterns, chandeliers, plants, etc. All you need is a ladder and a little patience.

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10. Letters

What better way to personalize your dorm than to actually put your initials on display? Marquee letters are very trendy right now, while monogrammed letters give a preppy vibe.

Great way to personalize your dorm!
Featured image source: handymaninmesa.com