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10 Date Ideas To Do Around SF State

10 Date Ideas To Do Around SF State

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities to visit in California. So, consider yourself lucky if you attend SF State! There are so many things to do and places to see, especially for couples! Keep reading to discover ten date ideas to do around SF State.


1. Visit the Academy of the Sciences.

From first hand experience, this place is a great date idea! They have a planetarium, aquarium, and my favorite, a rain forest exhibit. In the rain forest, you walk through the different “levels” of a rain forest and at the top is a butterfly sanctuary.



2. Picnic at Dolores.

Take the J -line to Dolores Park and if you’re not a fan of making food for a picnic hit up Boba Guys just a couple blocks down for the BEST boba drinks you’ll ever get (Rose black tea, medium sweetness, and tapioca balls -my fav!) or get an amazing Mexican dish from Taqueria el Buen Sabor located in the area as well. Then sit up on the hill side with a blanket and enjoy a break from the stress of school.

3. Attend a Giants game!

This date idea might not work for everyone but for a girl or guy who loves sports, like myself, this is as good as it gets. AT&T park is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the nation. There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. The higher into the nose bleeds the better view you get of the bay bridge and the bay. Tickets are cheap for the outfield which is one of my favorite spots to sit, it’s more exciting out there. For food, you gotta go for the garlic fries and a bacon wrapped hotdog! Although it’s a bit pricey, spend that extra couple bucks, it’s worth it.



4. Go to a concert.

San Francisco is a main spot for ALL types of artists, take advantage of small venue shows and big ones too! (The picture is of the back of G-Eazy, Bay Area legend, when I got on stage at a  private concert he held. I got tickets to from going to a meet and greet he randomly did downtown. BTW these type of thing happens all the time, so always keep an eye out!) So buy tickets for an artist interest you and your significant other have in common and sweep them off their feet with an experience they’ll never forget!



5. Visit the Japanese tea gardens.

The Japanese Tea Gardens is a really cute place to just walk around and take in the scenery. Then head into the Tea house for a cup of tea and snack, including miso soup, edamame, tea sandwiches, and more!

6. Ice skate in Union Square.

This one is seasonal but definitely one of my favorite cliche date ideas. Starting from around Thanksgiving time the city transforms union square into a winter wonderland with an ice skating rink. After skating around and falling down a few times (really cutely though of course) head across the street to Macy’s, go to the top floor where there is a Cheesecake Factory. They have an outside seating where you have an overview of Union Square that is breathtaking and goes nicely with a cup of hot chocolate.

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7. Walk through the Legions of Honor and Lands End trail.

Legions of Honor is a Fine Arts museum and conveniently close to Lands End trail. If you’re looking for an adventurous date this is a great one! Enjoy the museum for awhile and then take a hike along the trails to the sites overlooking the bay!

8. Hit the Exploratorium.

The Exploratorium is a really fun hands on science related museum and must go for a date! It is also located on the edge of bay in downtown, so after be sure to walk around Embarcadero and take in the local street markets as well.


9. Climb to the top of Coit Tower.

I LOVE Coit Tower. For a cheap price you can go to the top of it and get a 360 view of San Francisco. It is located in my favorite part of SF, Little Italy. There is so much to do and so much good food to eat. Grab a slice of pizza and some gelato in Washington Park down just a ways.


10. Spend the day at the Palace of Fine Arts.

If you want to take someones breath away the way they do for you, take them here. It’s an absolutely beautiful place and next to the Presido. If you’re feeling adventurous rent a couple bikes and ride to Golden Gate Bridge just around the bend.


Did you enjoy this list of date ideas to do around SF State? Comment below if you have an idea you’d like to add!

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