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10 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

10 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Are you looking for cute ways to ask a girl out? Asking someone to go out with you can be made a lot harder than it needs to be a lot of the time, but wanting to put in the extra effort certainly won’t go unnoticed if that’s her thing. The best way to ask someone out is to do it in a way that they would appreciate, so don’t do anything showy if you know that she would hate that. On the other hand, if big displays of affection are totally her thing, then you have more options to choose from on this list of cute ways to ask a girl out.

1. Call Her

This is a tried and true way to ask her out. Not only is it now considered ‘cute’ to call someone on the phone, which is pretty silly because it’s so simple, but you get to hear each other’s voices over the phone. Hearing the other person’s voice is a major boost in the overall experience if you are already interested in each other because people tend to get attached to the sound of someone else’s voice. Plus, you can hear her reactions and base your conversation off of that, which sounds way easier than the guesswork of texting.

You can ask her out in any number of ways over the phone, but being direct and confident is always a good bet. Feel free to make jokes, be cheesy, or neither of those things. Just be yourself.


2. Get Her Flowers

Most girls love flowers, and if the one you’re interested in does not, it’s best to find that out as soon as possible. Flowers are beautiful and sweet whether hand-delivered by you or by a delivery service, and she can cherish and appreciate them even after the fact. If she is looking at a bouquet every day you can bet she’s thinking that your delivery was a winner in the cute ways to ask a girl out category. This is a safe bet for most people!


3. Write To Her

Great for shy or more reserved ladies, giving her a letter or a poem allows you to express yourself without putting any pressure on her in the moment. Feel free to write her a short and sweet note, a long and romantic letter, or a poem. Writing to her gives you plenty of opportunities to customize the experience directly to her, which always makes for the best cute ways to ask a girl out. For example, not everyone will appreciate an extremely sappy love poem, so don’t waste your time with elaborate rhymes or iambic pentameter if she just won’t care.

A nice card or simple stationery really enhances your writing. If you’re artistic, you could even paint or draw something on one side! 


4. Bake Something Yummy

Taking the time to bake something for her can be really effective, and giving her something to eat is certainly one of the cute ways to ask a girl out, especially if you made it yourself! If you have any baking talent at all, I highly recommend trying this one out. If there is ever a time you can leave her with something after you leave, take it! It is always a good idea.

5. Give What You Got

If you have any sort of skills or talents, one of the cute ways to ask a girl out is to showcase those talents. If you are a singer or a songwriter, play some music. If you’re a painter, paint for her. If you are great at math, put together a sweet little equation (that you know she’ll understand). Personalizing your proposition will help to make it memorable, and it will come across as super sweet.


6. Ask Her With Pizza

I’m sure that this idea has come to your mind at some point. People need to eat, and most people love pizza. If you send her pizza or show up with the box yourself, she won’t have to cook for that evening, which can be a nice treat! Perhaps you know a guy at a pizza place, and perhaps you can pull some strings to have them write your question with the toppings. If not, writing in the box is just as effective. When she opens up the box, she’ll be surprised! Hopefully, she will also be quite pleased.


7. Get Her Chocolate

Another one of the cute ways to ask a girl out that includes food you say? Why yes, since everyone does happen to love treats of some kind. If your love interest is a health fiend or has specific dietary restrictions, perhaps this won’t work as well, but if not, then chocolate is sure to be both obviously romantic and literally sweet. Although often reserved for Valentine’s Day, chocolates are the perfect way to leave her something of romantic intent. Deliver them yourself or send them with a sweet note!

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8. Plan The Date First

If you are asking someone on a date, it’s good to have an idea already thought up so she doesn’t have to immediately think of what she wants to do with you. It’s like if you ask your friend if they want a birthday party and then when they say yes you ask them to plan it. Why would you do that? You thought of asking her out, so you can think of the date, too. It’s not that hard. You can always ask her out for pizza, which is one of the tried and tested cute ways to ask a girl out in middle school and beyond.

Naturally, after you propose the date idea to her you should gauge her reaction. If she doesn’t seem thrilled, then think of something else. If she is the type of person who likes to plan, be in control, or has really specific preferences, you can ask her what she wants to do. Just be sure to offer up an idea first. It will show that you put in some effort.


9. Do Something Massively Extra

If you have a favorite romantic comedy, or if you know that she does, you can always be bold and try to recreate that scene. It might go really well, or it might become an entertaining story. Either way, if she wants to go out with you already, then she will certainly enjoy your performance.

10. Make Her Laugh

It’s no secret that many women tend to overthink and overanalyze (many people do this, not just women). Therefore, getting her laughing will loosen her up and remind her how much she enjoys your company. Saying yes to going out with you will be a no-brainer if she knows that you make her happy.


Try cheesy pick-up lines, inside jokes (if you have them), movie quotes, puns, and the like. Sharing a sense of humor is a good indicator of future relationship success.

Which of these cute ways to ask a girl out will you be trying? Let us know how it went!

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