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10 Cute Things To Treat Yourself To Today

Everyone deserves cute things once in a while, especially in quarantine. Seriously, NOW is the time to give yourself what you want to make yourself happy. It’s always good to treat yourself and find things that make you feel happy. We wanted to share some cute things you should really be treating yourself to ASAP. So, here are 10 cute things to buy for yourself today and every day.

1. Matching Human & Dog Pajamas

I love my dog more than anything. And if we could match? Adorable. These matching pajamas for you and your dog are so cute and perfect for your quarantining days. The company that makes the pajamas below is also a small company that works to donate towards medical supplies for dogs in need. So purchasing these is a win-win for you, your dog, and tons of other dogs too.

2. Treat Yourself To An Entirely New Outfit

This option may sound vague but it’s worth it. Basically, I mean that we all derserve a cute new outfit once in a while, that makes us feel good and confident. Whether that outfit be sweatpants, a dress, or jeans and a t-shirt; everyone is different and has different styles and desires. Just pick something that makes you feel good.

3. Mini Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. It makes little tiny waffles that are perfect for breakfast or a snack. Make your family or significant other brunch using this bad boy. It’s worth the purchase and will make your quarantine breakfasts far more exciting.

4. Get A Tie Dye Hoodie Set

Tie dye hoodie sets are a new cute trend I totally support. So many companies make them so I’ll let you find yours yourself, but I seriously think everyone should be purchasing one of these, especially for quarantining. Comfort doesn’t have to come at the expense of fashion.

5. A Beautiful ASOS Beaded Mesh Dress

This dress is everything. It’s sweet, romantic, and so, so cute. I love the balloon sleeves and the mesh floral design that make this dress so unique and special. It is a little pricy, but I think that’s kind of what treating yourself is all about. This dress is specifically so perfect for a special occasion. Whether that be wedding, dance, cocktail party–it has so many uses.

6. Coffee iPhone Case

This phone case is so cute. It’s also the perfect way to give homage to your love of coffee so that everyone can see it. Getting a new phone case is an inexpensive and cute way to treat yourself to  something  fun  and  cute.

7. Pottery Barn-Cozy Pom Pom Throw

This throw is adorable. It’s so soft and fluffy and the perfect cute thing to purchase for yourself. I always think blankets are a great gift to one’s self because they’re not only useful and necessary, but they’re pretty and can cover up a tattered couch or chair. They’re just generally very versatile and always a cute thing to look at and cuddle up in.

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8. Francesca’s Star Hoop Earrings

I love these earrings. They’re cute but edgy and incredibly unique. They’re also not expensive and totally worth a look. I love too that Francesca’s is doing 2 for $25 dollar earrings right now. So you can get not one, but two pairs of cute earrings to add to your jewelery collection. 

9. Splurge On A Kimono For Summer

I think kimonos are a highly underrated article of clothing. Yet, they can really transform an outfit. They can turn a boring tank top and jeans into a classy, cute, spring outfit. I think a kimono is the perfect cute thing to buy for the summer. They can be dressed up or down. Wear it over a maxi dress or over a bathing suit at the beach. Various options with these things.

10. Happy Sherpa Pillow

Everyone needs reminders to be happy, or to at least remember to stay positive. This pillow is soft and plush and made of the sherpa material that everyone loves. I think it is a great idea for a cute thing to treat yourself to. Basically  any  giant  pillow  is  a  great  purchase,  but  this  one  is  just  perfect  when it  comes  to  a  cute  purchase.

I love cute things just as much as the next girl, but they certainly can be a little pricey at times. I think that it’s great to treat yourself once and awhile and to get something that you really want! Any of these items would be great choices.

What Items Do You Think Are Cute? Comment Below!

Some Images Via Pintrest

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