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10 Cute Gift Ideas Under $25 Your Roommate Will Love!

10 Cute Gift Ideas Under $25 Your Roommate Will Love!

It can be hard to find gifts for roommates! If you're struggling to find the perfect present, these gift ideas for roommate gifts will make anyone smile!

If you constantly struggle when it comes to gift ideas, here are 10 cute gift ideas for your roommate that she will love! Trying to figure out what to get her for the holidays but already spent all your money on that expensive mascara and vodka cranberries? (oops was that every Thursday this semester?) Don’t worry, here are some great gift ideas all under $25!

1. Gift for the wine-loving roommate.

These cute stemless wine glasses are perfect for that roomie that you love talking sh*t with. After all, that’s what roomies are for!


2. A Gift for the makeup lover.

This adorable makeup bag is perfect for the roomie who’s always reapplying her makeup on the go.


3. Gift for the sarcastic roommate.

Does your roomie have a IDGAF kind of attitude? If so, she deserves this bad-ass unicorn mug.


4. Gift for the roommate who doubles as your best friend.

Say it like you mean it! Only the roommate who also happens to be your best friend will absolutely love this hilarious yet super cute t-shirt. And let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be on this page if she wasn’t at least in your top 5 friends.


5. Or maybe this mug for the coffee obsessed roomie.

Does your roomie roll out of bed with 5 minutes to get ready, slaps on mascara, chugs coffee and runs out the door? (I know I do.) If so, here’s her new favorite mug.



6. Gift for the Photographer

These adorable photo clip string lights are perfect for that roomie who loves to snap Polaroid pics! Now she can hang them up and use them as decor for the both of you!

Sale LED 20pc-clip Light String Warm White Lights Decorative Lights

7. Gift for the beauty obsessed roommate.

There’s no better gift than some gorgeous makeup brushes for any beauty lover. And what’s better than mermaid inspired makeup brushes?! Umm..nothing!



8. For The Friend that just DGAF

This mug is packed with a message! Perfect for that roomie who refuses to speak until she’s had her first cup of coffee.

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9. Gift for the creative roommate to decorate her space.

A wall tapestry is a unique and creative idea. It adds style and flair to any room and also covers up those ugly dorm walls!

Indian hippie Bohemian Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Wall hanging Floral Gold Bedding Tapestry (Twin(54x72Inches)(140x185cms), Golden Blue)


10. A Gift for your other half.

If you refer to your roomie as your other half, go and get them these matching keychains, that way you can stay connected at all times!

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Do you have any other cute gift ideas for your roommate? Share in the comments below!


These gifts for your roommate are great ideas!
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