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10 Cute Fall & Halloween Items for You Furbabies

Halloween is quickly approaching, and while we often grab items for decoration, hand out candy, or prepare for parties, we sometimes overlook our furry friends. Our furbabies can wear costumes and participate in festivities as well. Check out these 10 cute Fall and Halloween Items for your furbabies.

1. Top Paw Halloween Puppy Pops Dog Toy

This plush toy is shaped liked a piece of wrapped Halloween candy and is a perfect treat for your four-legged friend. The toy makes crinkling sounds and is pink, red, and yellow-colored. Your furbaby may not be able to go trick-or-treating or enjoy real candy, but they will love this candy look alike. Be sure to pick up this 2x sized plush toy and make Halloween a fun event for your pooch today! This toy treat is in-stores and available at Pet Smart.

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2. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Pirate Ship Cat Scratcher

Hyde & EEK! has a lot of designs for cat scratchers and many for Halloween. You can choose between a witches’ house, candy shop, pirate ship, funhouse, graveyard, ice cream truck, haunted house, clock tower, and many more. These scratchers are perfect for the cat who likes to scratch up items around your home. The cat scratcher will help provide a fun decorative place for your cat to relax but also helps keep them confined to scratching one area rather than other things in your home. This product is easy to assemble and has a scratch pad inside of it. Be sure to check out all the cute options for your furbabies at Target!

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3. Beauty & The Beast Belle Costume

When it comes to Halloween Costumes, there are many choices for humans and surprisingly lots of choices for dogs. If you are a Disney lover, you will love the Belle Costume from Beauty & The Beast or an adorable Minnie Mouse dress. Amazon has a large selection for any style you may be looking for this Halloween. Try out a horror costume, Disney, or even a unicorn for your furbabies!

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4.  Hocus Pocus Halloween Pet Cat Food Bowl

Etsy is a great place to support small businesses and to get great handmade or unique items. This feeding bowl for a cat is a great small touch for Halloween. The bowl is white and has a black cat on it and reads, Hocus Pocus. Be sure to check out this cute and subtle Halloween touch for your beloved cat on Etsy.

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5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Stripe Round Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

If you are looking for a decorative place for your cat or dog to lounge, look no further. Jack Skellington has been made into a cat and dog bed. The bed is micro plush fabric, and the pillow can be turned inside out. There is also a removable bowtie that your furry friends can play with as they settle into their bed and drift off to dreamland. Check out this adorable Jack Skellington bed available at

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6. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Zero Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Like the item above, this Nightmare Before Christmas-themed item is perfect for getting you and your furbaby in the Halloween spirit. The plush features Jack riding his beloved dog Zero as a squeak toy for your dog. Inside the plushes are squeak toys and crinkly paper to add excitement for your furbaby as they play with the toy.  Ultimately, this is a two-for-one set at a great price. Check out for more information and other similar toys.

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7. Fetch for Pets Peanuts Good Grief Ceramic Dog Bowl

Peanuts characters are beloved by so many of us. We grew up watching some of our favorite holiday films with these adorable characters and learned all about the Great Pumpkin, how to kick a football, and watch a cute Beagle named Snoopy win over the hearts of all of us. This ceramic bowl is orange and features the recognizable zig-zag design of Charlie Brown’s Shirt. Inside the bowl is Charlie Brown yelling “Good Grief,” a common and well-known catchphrase. This ceramic bowl is perfect for your loveable pooch. The color is great for Fall or Halloween but can be used all year round. Have your furbaby enjoy their favorite dog food out of this bowl as they wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive!

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8. Rubies Batman Costume for Pets

Rubies have created some adorable and creative costumes for pets, and luckily these are easily obtainable since they are available at Target. This past year or so, superheroes have been a popular costume for humans to wear, but now your pet can dress as a well-known superhero as well. You can take pictures with your furbaby dressed up or hit the pavement going trick-or-treating. How about having your adorable pooch sit next to you on the front porch dressed as a favorite character while you away visitors? Whatever your plans are, your furbaby will be appropriately dressed for the occasion and ready to save the world! Check out the Batman Costume for pets and other great costumes by Rubies.

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9. Cupcake Halloween Dog and Cat Costume – Hyde & EEK! Boutique

While dog costumes are fabulous, it is nice to see costumes that work for dogs and cats. This costume was put out by Hyde & EEK! Boutique at Target features a cupcake that can be worn by both a cat or a dog. So, if you have a cat, they won’t miss out on the Halloween festivities this fall!

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10. Lainrrew 4 Pcs Halloween Dog Bandanas

These bandanas come in a set of 4 and are reversible. The bandanas are Halloween-themed and feature familiar images associated with Halloween and Fall, such as pumpkins, skulls, and ghosts. If you are not looking to go all out for a costume for your furbaby this Fall or Halloween and want something more laid back, subtle, or even a nice addition to a costume you have planned, these are great options. Purchase these cute bandanas from!

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Whether you are looking to go all out this Halloween and Fall to celebrate festivities or the harvest time, you can find adorable costumes, bowls, feeders, and toys for your furbaby in retail stores, pet stores, and online-exclusive stores. Be sure to check out the items above and share this cute list with others who love to dress up their furbabies in home decor or for events!

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