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10 Cute Date Ideas to Try Around IWU

Who says there is nothing to do in Marion, Indiana?? There is always something to be done if you know where all the right spots are! Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas to try around IWU!

1. Stroll through Matter Park.

This is one of the most popular places in Marion for couples to go on dates, and even get engaged. There are tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and a Frisbee golf course for the active couples. If you don’t really want to play a sport, you can have a romantic date by taking a walk in the garden house.


2. Try out Payne’s Restaurant.

It’s one of the cutest restaurants you can find around IWU! The homey feel of the place will make it a more intimate place to grab a bite with your cutie. There are lots of different foods to eat such as salads, ribs, paninis, and their famous British fish n’ chips.

3. Taste some delicious froyo from JuJu Berry.

After eating at Payne’s, grab some dessert at Juju Berry. Their froyo is delicious and there are lots of tops to choose from!


4. Have a study date at Abbey Coffee Co.

This is the perfect place if you want to spend some time with your S.O. but also need to study. Abbey Coffee is the main place students go to study, because of the chill atmosphere and outdoor fireplace. It’s also a big date spot because of the yummy coffee and couches to cozy up on together.

5. Eat some yummy ice cream at Ivanhoe’s.

Another perfect place if you want to grab some dessert with your S.O., Ivanhoe’s has more than 100 shakes and 100 sundaes to choose from! To show some school spirit, be sure to order the IWU Wildkat 1 or 2!

6. Try antique shopping at Jake’s antiques for a unique date idea.

To switch things up rather than the typical dinner and dessert date, go antique shopping instead! You can shop at Jake’s Antiques right in Marion, or Mick’s Flea Market in Gas City.


7. Canoe the Mississinewa River!

Canoe along the Mississinewa River and enjoy all of the beautiful nature around you with your babe. How romantic is that!?


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8. Walk, run, or bike the Cardinal Greenway.

With all of the trails at Cardinal Greenway, this is a great place to bike, run, or just take a walk with your cutie!

9. Take a tour of the James Dean Gallery.

Everyone knows, and loves, James Dean! There is a gallery and museum dedicated to the late actor in his hometown, Fairmount, which is only about 15 minutes from campus. Be sure to go on the weekend of September 23-25, the James Dean festival where there is a 50’s dance contest, James Dean look-a-like contest, pet parade, and more!


10. Stroll through the beautiful Huntington Orchards.

With fall quickly approaching, that means a trip to the apple orchard! Huntington Orchards is in Huntington, which is only about 40 minutes away from campus. So a perfect little day date trip!


What are some other cute date ideas to try around IWU? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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